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    Poll: Modding is EXTREMELY important in games. Agreed?

    For those who played team Gizka's total restoration on Kotor 2. It makes it not only a good game to play, but adding in what was cut makes it a whole other story. I'm for it. The never ending god mods, can do without...but the creative stuff sure.
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    It Never Ends

    The thing is, Dragon Crown no only had the outrageous females, people whined about for decades now... but also did it with the males. Equal rights people, both sides got the treatment. As with lots of art, people have a opinion. I think it's just very sloppy animation myself, nothing very...
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    How long does the "No Spoilers" game need to be played?

    It's a old question I have. Basicly goes back to seeing the first Lord of the Rings. Was at the theater enjoying the movie, after the credits I said "Well that was the start of it, can't wait till they get the ring to Mount Doom." at this point a fellow movie goer turns and does the comic book...
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    Nintendo Needs To Reboot Mario and Luigi

    Reboot what? There is no story. Lord the only thing you can reboot is the Princesses name back to Toadstool from Peach when they did what with Mario Sunshine. Other than that, what can be rebooted? Every game is it's own mushroom trip...
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    Show me more proof. (Boston bombings)

    No I don't find it odd at all. You make a home made bomb, it might work with the gentle lifting, the small strain of walking and gently being set down. If you throw it out a car or suv at 35+ miles a hour, unless your good enough to make a impact resistant detonator and all that... It'd...
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    The Great Debate

    I see little problem with it. There are times you want to share a video on youtube for the video's contents. The problem is there are viewers who take this whole trolling thing to far and have to start the, gay, rape, fag, ect ect ect comments to someone say showing a nice sunset. And...
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    Show me more proof. (Boston bombings)

    Oh more proof? Easy. When chased by police they threw BOMBS at them. Now if they were concealed handgun owners beliveing they were being wrongfully targeted... you have a weak Wacco like case. But they threw BOMBS in the same make of the marathon bombing. That pretty much sums up any guilt...
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    Blizzard Opens Pre-Orders For Diablo III PS3

    I want to be excited for it. I really do. Sadly, I had the PC version. Now I played Diablo 2 for hundreds of hours on multiplayer. Loved it. Even when I was in sub school after boot camp I got a pc and played d2 on my time off. D3 was well... so unintresting, not challenging, almost as if...
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    Fictional characters you wish you could punch in the face?

    Careful on that. Oda has the nasty habit of introducing a enemy you can only love to hate then redeems them or gives painful bad story to why they are like that. Arlong, Crocodile, Buggy, Jesus he's even started redeeming Bellamy in to a not so douchie guy in the mangas. I'd want to punch...
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    Dragon's Crown Designer Apologizes for Exaggerated Characters

    Stop being a chld. Everyone whines about something, and honestly when comapred to the art design of the male to the female, unless he's Bierotic... I say it's a unique art style. One I don't care for myself but buddy stand up for your work. Don't be a ***** like most politicans who say...
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    Most Stupid Plotline

    Hmm. Pokemon. You send little kids into a wilderness as young as ten. Hope the family pet defends them again wild animals, while the child travels all over the country side visiting towns who seem to have no real economy, ability to gather food ect ect... Even worse is if you take the...
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    Rumor: Batman: Arkham Origins Will Add Multiplayer

    Sounds less like a "This game will have multi player" and more like "I really hope they make multiplayer." And let's be honest, games like Bionic commando could have been made...i don't know passable single player games if not for the lame forced Multiplayer. Really people, keep...
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    Do you Think E.A is the worst company?

    Just the Smug arrogance of EA addressing the mistakes they made by basicly saying "Up your customers. We made a mistake but it's somehow YOUR fault." Honestly they really don't know how to run a company with fresh licenses. Most of the companies they aquire vanish and die -Bullfrog- and to be...
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    Poll: White-Washing in Movies

    My thought on the matter. So what. Every country wants to put their populaces ethnic makeup into a series. Look at Power rangers, when Saban sold it to Africa guess what all the rangers were black, Usa played the melting pot card, ect ect. My question is, why are they so afraid of...
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    California Senator Wants Fewer Guns in Games

    She can want in one hand and shit in the other. And see which one fills up first. Let me take a stab at what she wants... if we tone down the pretend violence...maybe the real violence will go away. Yeah... that works