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    Movies that are actually BETTER than their source material.

    Jurassic Park is a definite one I can agree with, the book is painful to read really, after seeing the far more spectacular movie. Fantasic work on Spielberg's part, getting the actors, tech, and look to work in a way that made it amazing. I saw last page that someone mentioned Ghost in the...
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    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Review

    I've noticed people mention what she did to the Protoss. The problem with this is, the Protoss are ultimately fanatical about wiping out the Zerg. That is why the action against the Protoss had to be what it was. What happens when the Hyperion shows up is a callback to what was mentioned...
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    10 Years After Antitrust Suit, Microsoft Up to Old Tricks

    I generally use Chrome myself, since Firefox has a hideous problem on this laptop for some unknown reason, crashing if I have more than 10 or so tabs routinely. That said, I use IE9 once in a blue moon, for a few sites that seem to work better with it. I have it open now, looking at Dell's...
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    Poll: what team of super heroes/villians would you join

    Isn't that the series that The Codpiece [] is from? Lol. yes it is. ;) Anyway, I voted 'other'. Not sure what would fit me.
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    Anime Virgins

    I need to read that in the light novels at some point. Honestly, as a plot device to set up Disappearance, yeah. But as eight whole episodes? It just doesn't work. For those who watched TNG Trek, well, Cause and Effect managed to show several time loops in one episode. :p Once I read the...
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    Anime Virgins

    Wow, with some of the stuff mentioned, I'm surprised that Haruhidom haven't spoken up in the thread yet. But it's still only 3 pages, so... hehehe. :) Though personally I don't recommend Melancholy as an initial foray, and if it's early, I'd suggest chronological order over anchronic order...
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    Mass Effect 2: Arrival Launch Trailer

    And don't forget Hallex from the Samara loyalty mission.
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    What game do you NOT want Yahtzee to review?

    KotOR is a funny one to mention, during his review for one of the Force Unleashed games (think it was II, but don't quote me) he talked about how the bad parts of Star Wars radically outnumbered the good parts. The only good parts according to him were Original, ESB, and "Arguably KotOR". So...
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    Trailers: Battlefield 3 Gameplay Teaser

    Possibly, possibly not. The most popular map overall on BF2 /was/ Karkand. Dangling a Karkand expansion free may just bring more response from the people who couldn't get enough of it, even with all the jillion 24/7 Karkand servers. :p
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    Poll: Adults and cartoons

    Certainly worked for Darkwing Duck. :) *goes to look to see where the new comic of it is available*
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    Poll: Adults and cartoons

    "Too Violent". Geez. For the network that would later air Teen Titans and straight up do the Terror of Trigon arc in season 4, Swat Kats is 'too violent'? Wtf. Yes, the stuff the SKs do totally beats time freezing, buildings being pulled into each other to squash someone, the legions of...
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    Poll: Adults and cartoons

    Yes, they should. :) Glad someone else remembers it so well :) And... crap. embedding disabled.
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    Poll: Adults and cartoons

    Oh god... lol. I remember going back and watching Further Adventures of GI Joe (Pyramid of Darkness, started the weekly show), a year or so ago. I had to stop the video and laugh for 5 minutes at one point, after seeing someone fly an F-14 down low enough to scrape the wing across the body of a...
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    Poll: Adults and cartoons

    Heck yeah I watch cartoons. Always will :) And I'm 36. :) All time favorite for me really has to go to a short running show that got screwed by the network. All who remember SWAT Kats as the most awesome thing ever, stand fast! You're never alone!