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    Thoughts on Farcry 3?

    I only noticed the texture pop-in when approaching the Medusa from the north by sea, where it looked like it was made of Lego for a good 10 seconds, then I noticed it in a few other places but to a much less significant degree. I haven't seen much improvement in the AI, but like I said, these...
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    Thoughts on Farcry 3?

    I'm loving it. Have to say they really picked it up since Far Cry 2, which I found rather tedious. The story, the island history (natives, WWII etc.) all really make it difficult for me to put down. Seems to me like a good contender for GOTY in my book, and I was so sure that that was going to...
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    Need Names for 4 Ducks

    Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose! EDIT: Yeah, it's been a long day at work and I need bedrest.
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    Your useless superpower

    Haha, I remember that film! I must watch that again soon. Thanks for reminding me about it! OT: the super-ability to read and follow Ikea furniture instructions (I'm male). EDIT: Damn, Ninja'd with the quote.
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    Games you wish you hadn't spent the money on

    I've said it before in other threads: Conflict: Denied Ops. AKA: the reason I do not impulse buy games and now conduct thorough research on games before I buy them. I didn't even get past level 2, it was that bad *recoils at the memory*.
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    creepest in game enemy you have ever encounter

    Slight SOC SPOILERS ahead: Haha, yeah I got the mission, scouted the land, saw (on my binocs from 500 odd meters away) more than one Bloodsucker, thought "F*ck that!" and went about my day to shoot some Monolith crazies at the Barricade. I'm not too fussed about Controllers, though the first...
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    creepest in game enemy you have ever encounter

    Oh this. Had me so scared I couldn't actually complete SOC when I got to Pripyat and so could no longer spot them from a distance (by spending 5 mins looking through my enemy-sensing binocs every time I walked 50 yards). I'm still annoyed at myself for that, because I loved the atmosphere in...
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    'Popular' Games that you hate

    Partly agree with OP. Though I don't actually hate them I never could get into the Gears Of War games, mostly for the reasons people have already stated so I won't reiterate. A game I did hate was Conflict: Denied Ops, an impulse buy that I have never forgiven myself for, sold it the next day...
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    So I don't have a mic. So what?

    I have never used a mic, and I play Left 4 Dead quite regularly. I personally dislike it when people I'm playing with keep talking nonsense, singing, screeching, etc. (I know not everyone does, but quite a few do) as I feel it breaks the immersion I feel for such a game. In Left 4 Dead in...
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    Ugliest Enemies (Not Including L4D)

    That is the wolf/yeti thing from "Skifree" an old freebie game that shipped with Microsoft's early Windows OS. If you lasted a long(ish) time, dodging all the obstacles (which was easy to do) this creature was and would run up to you and eat you like shown. I'm sure it was inescapable too...
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    Worst drink or food EVER!

    The worst food I have ever eaten is lamb "sweetbreads" pan-fried in garlic. The texture was just wrong somehow. It didn't help that the woman cooking them told us they were testicles whilst we were chewing them (they're not by the way they are in fact the thymus glands of the animal).
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    Whats your worst habit you've got but cant stop?

    Smoking and biting my nails, not ready to graduate to a drinking problem yet. (I'm a twice weekly binge drinker, and speaking of which it's almost time for my fix...)
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    Poll: Fallout3 - which Bobblehead was the hardest?

    Or the Megaton one if you go down the evil route, as I found out the hard way on my second playthrough (started partially due to me forgetting about the Raven Rock Bobblehead and wanting to get them all that time around).
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    Ps3 or Xbox

    Iggyus: When my post was posted the OP hadn't yet specified whether his friend would like to play online, so I didn't factor that into my post. After all, I had a 360 for a year and a half before going online (money was tight so didn't shell out for Broadband let alone Xbox live). Personally...
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    Dumbest Things Heard In School

    Off the top of my head it would have to be the rumour that the definition of the (offensive) word 'Twat' was: 'A pregnant goldfish'. Seriously. Also my Year 7 Teacher told us during a History class that they didn't use gas in WW1. I informed her that she was incorrect, but she was adamant...