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    Digital Distribution: The Other Guys

    I was using it more to imply a lack of sincerity as opposed to dishonesty, as I read your comment about not having used D2D. I'm just surprised you wouldn't ask those who read your blog or follow your twitter (if you have one) their opinion on the various other services. Polling the readership...
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    Digital Distribution: The Other Guys

    Sorry but it feels a little disingenuous for you to have made an article like this and missed out: Direct2Drive / Gamefly Green Man Gaming Get Games Amazon digital download (which seems to be trying to make Steam look bad at the moment). Surely it wouldn't have taken much research to...
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    Poll: Anyone else getting tired of zombies?

    Oh god yes. You know what the first thing I think of when I hear a game will be zombie-based? The developers saying "Fuck programming any decent AI, let's just use zombies: then we only have to make them move towards the player". Although AI programming is dead in FPS or 3PS games anyway. It...
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    Poll: RANT: Disgusted with Skyrim

    2GB cap has been removed as far as I know. Two things I recommend. The first is to turn off Mouse Acceleration - Using the Turn Off V-Sync thing might help too. Secondly, follow the steps in the video here...
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    Have you ever discovered a hidden gem of a game?

    Anyone who wants a really fun singleplayer FPS would do well to check out Tribes: Vengeance. Great space opera storyline and gives players the best mobility I've ever encountered in an FPS, beating even UT. Also, know what the guys who made it are currently working on? Bioshock Infinite. After...
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    Honest question, why is camping frowned upon?

    Imagine a server where everyone camps because it is the safest thing to do to get kills. In other words, imagine a server with 2-64 people standing/crouching/lying in place an never moving for the Xmins the map lasts for. Does that seem fun? This is, of course, a problem which should not...
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    Ex-Volition Staff Explain Why Red Faction: Armageddon Kind Of Tanked

    The Red Faction series has been Gone Forever once already so who the fuck knows? In this current climate of not being able to come up with an original idea for a game then I imagine it'll be back soon enough. Because hey: fuck new IPs, fuck risk-taking, fuck originality, fuck writing, fuck...
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    EA Says There's "Scope" to Remake the Original Syndicate

    Shame that Starbreeze these days is unrecognisable from what it was. You're welcome for crushing your hopes, by the way. (And I saw that RPS article too, and can only hope those 10mins aren't at all representative of...
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    Oblivion Mods

    Nehrim I've heard incredible things about but you may as well finish Oblivion first as it's an entirely new game. This site [] will show you how to make Oblivion look incredible, if you have a machine that can do it. I'd warn that...
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    University: No Online gaming!

    That's the reason right there: the internet is incredibly fast because they don't all online gaming. If they did there would suddenly be a whole lot more traffic going through. Probably not enough to be detrimental but universities are cheap, hate-filled bastards who see you as a walking money...
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    Best RPG Ever Available for Free Download

    Not as far as I can see. It says: "B. Access to Software, Online Features And/Or Services. An EA/Origin Account, including the acceptance of EA?s online Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (available at, the installation of Origin client application (www.origin/ (or...
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    Microsoft: We Lost Our Way With Recent Halo Games

    Fuck this noise. ODST was my favourite solo experience from any of them. Not having to deal with the flood while also having an interesting story was far superior than "Chief go here, Chief kill stuff'.
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    Jimquisition: Linearity versus Replayability

    If you hadn't bashed The Witcher 2 then I would fucking love you man. As it is I like you in a purely platonic way. Also, kudos for the Joe Abercrombie reference. Excellent author.
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    Poll: Re-Readable Books

    I've been reading since very young and have kept it up as a hobby to this day, so there are books out there I've read many times and will read many more times. My favourite is a series of 10 books called The Malazan Book of the Fallen by an author called Steven Erikson. The final book was...
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    Poll: WWII Military Leaders

    Got to go with the British. Yes Germany did really well, but it cannot be denied that there were massive problems with the level of command below Hitler. That led to the invasion of the USSR, curtailing of Rommel's army, and the lack of support to the Luftwaffe. And of those commanders, only...