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    Okay maybe we don't need more remakes.

    I think I read somewhere that they're doing Abby dlc if that makes you feel any better. Not until I get a Skies of Arcadia remake. Then we we can stop.
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    Okay maybe we don't need more remakes.

    Well, the game is nearly 8 years old and is still playable on current consoles, so yeah a remake makes perfect sense. What exactly are they going to change? Make it even more miserable? I kind of think they may be trying to claw back some love after the reception that TLoU2 got from certain...
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    Prince Phillip dies age 99

    Megan. Some people blame her for all the acrimony in the Royal family recently, so I thought it fit. My stupid sense of humour:)
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    Prince Phillip dies age 99

    Well, there is only so long the best medical care and dark magic that money can buy can keep you alive so long I suppose. I'm sure this is all very sad for his family and friends, but boil this down to the bare bones and this is "Old Man Dies" and seeing as I never met the bloke, I find it...
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    How many hours do you average gaming?

    I'm going to echo what everyone else has said and say a couple of hours in the working week and a few more hours at the weekend. Sometimes at the weekend, if I don't need to leave the house for any reason, I will say "screw it" and spend about 5 hours playing something. God forbid I ever find a...
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    Gaming Jokes

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    The evil threat of Yoga

    In fairness, I do see their point. You do not want children running around spitting fire, that is a recipe for disaster.
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    Next Gen 6 months in, how do we feel?

    Meh, personally neither seem essential at the moment. Maybe it because both are harder to get hold of than rocking horse shit, but neither seem to be doing a great deal to entice people to buy them. For me, there is still plenty to play on PS4 and will do that for the next couple of years. I'll...
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    Your Most Prized Achievements/Trophies

    I'll always appreciate getting the platinum for Uncharted 3 on the PS3, its not a particularly hard one, but it was my first and you never forget your first:). Also the Uncharted 2 plat as my friend wanted it so badly and I got it and he didn't. Also, getting the plat for Spec Ops: The Line...
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    Game Articles and Videos Thread

    Thanks for that. I knew it wasn't a huge seller, but I never realized that EA had basically gone "We love your idea...we just need to you to make a few changes" until it was unrecognizable. EA are the worst.
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    Ghosts of Tsushima Review thread

    I feel that the open world of Ghosts works to its detriment, mainly because there is very little to do or see. Yes, it is very pretty, but pretty will only get you so far. There is stuff to find, but not enough of it. Outside of the collectibles, this game offers very little else, yeah there is...
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    Ghosts of Tsushima Review thread

    You know, with the story stripped of all the needless open world bloat, it could actually be good. But what is with Sony trying to make everything into either a TV show or a film at the moment?
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    Shooting in Boulder, CO Leaves 10 Dead, Including One Police Officer

    For fuck sake America. How many more innocent people have to needlessly die before you do something about your gun problem?
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    Your video game hot take(s) thread

    You've accidentally reminded me of another problem I have with this game and that is just how fragile Joel is in the beginning of the game. Despite being told how much of a bad ass he is, how he used to be a raider who preyed on the innocent and all the terrible deeds he's done. And even now...
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    Tank Controls Are the Objectively Perfect Control Scheme

    *insert "Not sure if serious" meme here* Resident Evil 4 was lauded for moving away from the other games tank controls and while it did improve on what had come before, it has since aged like milk. If there is going to be a RE4 Remake, I want them to do absolutely nothing but give me dual stick...