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    I've been trying to deny it to myself for years, but yeah Bleach has gotten absolutely awful. If it could have just rushed to the end of the Aizen arc without all the filler and ended the series there it could have been an amazing anime, but it's ruined itself and is obviously just being dragged...
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    DLC, Again

    So, I read the thing about Kotick wanting to sell in-game cutscenes seperately and everyone in the comments seemed to rage at him doing that. However Shamus raises a good point here, there's nothing really wrong with offering to sell an extra little thing if people want to buy it. Personally...
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    Recommendations: Anime to Avoid

    Fanservice is basically panty shots, tight tops and plenty of boobs bouncing around, all that perverted stuff.
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    Recommendations: Anime to Avoid

    It's purely opinion really. For example everyone here is saying Panty and Stocking is terrible, but I loved it. Granted I have a terrible sense of humour... As a general pointer though, I'd say avoid most things with over 50 episodes, the author usually hasn't planned that far ahead from the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XIII

    Haha i love that he said Vanille acts like shes from space SPOILER ALERT DONT GO DOWN! IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS DONT SCROLL DOWN!!!!!! i i i i i i i i i i i i i i Cos Vanille IS kinda from space in a way, spot on :P
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    What games are you buying next year?

    Bayonetta and Darksiders are both maybe's cos i love both genres. March holds many delights xD Final Fantasy 13 God Of War 3 Gran Turismo 5 Maybe Battlefield bad company 2 I don't plan any further ahead than that :)
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    The Needles: The Easiest Buyer's Guide Ever

    I tottally agree with this whole article. Although i think that if parents are that worried they could always give the game a play themselves. GameStation (Uk game retailer) has a ten day guarantee so you can take games back within ten days even if you've opened and played them (great way to...
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    Biggest Plothole?

    This isnt much of a plothole but in the latest harry potter movie they should have learbed to do spells without saying them. But the film maker completely missed that section out. Isnt it going to seem wqeird when theyre supposed to be 'qualified wizards' but they cant use non-verbal spells like...
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    Biggest Plothole?

    oops double post
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    Poll: I think there's something wrong with me.

    I think i know what you mean about family having a big impact on it. My sister could kick my ass on Tekken or Guitar Hero any day xD A bad player pisses you off? Most of the time people cant help it... I get what you mean when they have juggernaut, martyrdom, noob tube and shit like that...
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    a game so simple its hard

    Samee.... Nice song though :)
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    What Game Have You Completed The Most?

    Metal gear solid on PS1 like 5 or 6 tiems i think, used to love that game in the PS1 days. Also Mirror's Edge like 4 times for the trophs. But I can do that in such a short time now. Ive got a fair few playthroughs of RE 4 and 5 too. And CoD4 since i was really bad at it and moved up a...
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    Poll: ODST: The Final Straw

    I dont see the problem. People like Halo games, they sell well. Bungie are good to the fans. I dont see the problem really. Although I do think it's better to come up with orginal idea than push out 50 sequels, but they did something good with Halo Wars by getting FPs fans to play a genre they...
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    Poll: Bod Mods and YOU! [Your Limits]

    Im a level 2, but I wouldn't mind stretching my ear a little (I think that's what you mean by gauging?) but i dont think I'd go past around 7mm. I really dont think that it should fall under level 4, probably 3 or even 2. I know loads of people with stretched ears that would never get a tattoo.