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    Are we ready for games starring queer/trans heroes? Mainstream and Indie

    We're not there yet. I believe when we see a larger rise of female protagonists/heroes then we'll see queer/trans heroes. I'm sure some indie team will make something first. I can't see a AAA company "risking profit" as they put it when they use that excuse for female protagonists. I do support...
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    Poll: Do You Write In Cursive?

    No. I write in printed capitals as I need to for my work and it's kind of stuck around.
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    Is there really a stigma against quiet people?

    From 30 plus family members and co-workers I've been told it gets harder and harder to make new friends the older you get. Both introverted and extroverted. Don't feel disheartened because your not outgoing. Free times seems to be a huge factor as work and family seem to take lots of these...
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    How free are you with your personal information?

    Closed. I'll let people know which city I live in, some basic interesting, maybe my field of work and age. That's about it. I've been gaming with some people from the internet for over 5 years and they still know little about me. When most of them have each other on facebook, exchanged mob no...
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    What's The Best Thing That Happened To You This Week?

    I saw the Lego movie last night. It's the only thing to stand out of what I did. Yeah I have a boring average week.
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    How alike are you and your siblings?

    Nearly a 2 year gap and we're very similar. People ask if you're twins. Physically and personality wise but in the last few years after I left school we've drifted off personality wise.
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    Poll: So what do you call an Xbox One now?

    Xbox 720 When saying Xbox One at first thought about the original Xbox. Any version of the Xbox being called the Xbox. I've used Xbox 720 and everyone knows I'm talking about the latest one. Voted Other.
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    Strange names for roads, streets and places you have either been too or seen.

    Rooty Hill Road. Well Rooty Hill Road North & Rooty Hill Road South. Which upon seeing I asked "What kind of name is that". As soon as the words were out of my mouth, my mother replied. "A fucking good one." Combined with that event it's burnt into my memory as the strangest.
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    So I really want to play DayZ, but I got some questions.

    Oh don't worry. You wont get anywhere close to a week before for your lives. 1 mistake gets you killed. Back in the mod I had an ak and a ton of hp kits to be 1 hit knocked out by a zombie and then 1 hit killed. You just learn to not get so attached to your stuff.
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    If you were an evil overlord, who or what would you use for henchmen?

    The Gun Fu guys from Equilibrium. In the modern age with guns it's a far better idea then people with swords.
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    What Would You Do If You Saw A Ghost?

    As it didn't seem to be there to haunt me as it was minding it's own business I'd say it was a benevolent ghost and let it be. It would give me hope for some kind of afterlife.
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    Poll: Aesthetics vs function

    Didn't they teach you form follows function? How could they fail you for buildings that work? Anyway if it's function is met I prefer aesthetics over extra function. Example for wood work. If I wanted a wooden coffee table. Once it can support it's own weight and that of the odd items like...
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    How much time do you get to play video games?

    In the last 2 weeks I've only found 6 hours for gaming. Work has really cut into what used to be more like 3-4 hours a day. It's also dropped due to the lack of releases I wish to play. Most days (week days) I don't get around to turning my computer on until 8ish and then I don't get around to...
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    Poll: Is it snowing yet?

    Just had a 32C day here as it's Spring. It never snows here and for that I'm thankful.
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    How do you unwind after work?

    I consider playing video games straight away to be diving straight into another activity. I lie on the couch for like an hour eat dinner and talk to family. Then I play video games