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    Google Glass Driving Almost As Unsafe As Using Smartphones

    After some of the videos I've seen of Google glass, I would think it blocks a person's sight so much that walking around with them on would be dangerous.
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    Final Fantasy XIII - PC Edition

    As long as I find out it's a half-decent port, I'll pick this up. Even if it's horrible, it'll likely be such a huge spectacle that I'll still be entertained. Some other thoughts: - In terms of big budget JRPGs, Final Fantasy was always the 1000 lb gorilla so Square Enix putting their most...
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    One-handed Mouse-Only Computer Games?

    How about a hardware solution to this problem?
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    Bioware Receives Cupcakes as a Thank You for Female Inquisitor

    Well, Dragon Age already has a higher percentage female player base than Mass Effect. According to Bioware, about a third of people chose female player characters in Dragon Age 2.
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    Complaints Lead to Changes in FX's The Strain Billboards

    I think there's actually a safety issue here. Some people feel faint at the sight of certain gory images so if they're driving, they're far likelier to get into an accident because of that. You certainly don't want something on a billboard that could unsettle drivers like that.
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    Jimquisition: Ubisoft - A Sad History of PC Failures

    THQ was the publisher. CD Projekt were responsible for handling the port to PC. You can see CD Projekt in the credits for the PC version of Saints Row 2:
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    Jimquisition: Ubisoft - A Sad History of PC Failures

    With Saints Row 2, CD Projekt did the absolute worst PC port I've ever seen. That was the only time I had to use a mod, an ini file and timing a part of the game with a stopwatch to get a game to be playable. It still wasn't the most stable game. Also, for some reason gameplay was capped at...
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    Half-Life 3 in Development, Left 4 Dead 3 "Looks Great," Says CS Dev

    It's too late Valve. Yahtzee already spoiled the ending []. Everyone can go home now as there's no reason to play the game after all.
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    Times where the hero seems like the villain

    Ride to Hell: Retribution. The nominal hero Jake causes far more innocent people to die than the main villain does. I think his biggest moment of hypocrisy is when he tries to talk a young man out of selling drugs without any sense of irony but then seconds later picks up some drugs from a...
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    Jimquisition: Buyer Beware

    That's fair enough but under that system it wouldn't contradict my main point that under most circumstances, a buyer should be doing their research.
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    Jimquisition: Buyer Beware

    Sorry Jim, even if there are objectively poor quality games, tastes differ which is why gamers should still need to do their research. I quite like Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae while you think it's a terrible game. I dislike Angry Birds Space while you're fond of it. Also, for there to be a...
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    Electronic Arts Voted Out of "Worst Company In America" Poll

    There are companies that are exploiting developing nations' population as slave labour, companies censoring political thought, companies using dirty tricks to maintain/establish monopolies, and companies that are devastating the planet yet somehow EA is even in the conversation of worst company...
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    GOG Adding Linux Support

    All things considered Linux seems to be a better fit with GOG than with Steam. Steam's pro-DRM stance seems counter-intuitive placed besides open source principles. Old DOS games run on GOG with a DOSBox wrapper and DOSBox was ported to Linux a long time ago. Also GOG's indie game selection...
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    Grand Theft Auto V PC Scam Infects Computers With Malware

    Rockstar is just waiting for Half Life 3 to be released so they can give it a wide berth and have a much less divided PC audience. Who can fault them for that logic?
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    New BlazBlue Skips Xbox 360, Dev Says It'd be "An Inferior Version"

    With most non-indie games nowadays, the cost of making the assets, modeling, marketing, voice acting, and motion capture far dwarf the costs of the port especially as the new generation is going to a unified x86 architecture. In this kind of climate, there aren't very many reasons not to port...