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    Cara Ellison Kickstarts Games Critic Career with Patreon

    For some of us on Patreon, we're not exactly hoping or expecting that sort of success, either. I forget how my attention was first drawn to it, probably through Errant Signal actually, but now that YouTube's content claims system has gone super paranoid, I knew it would see an explosion of...
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    Aliens Isn't About Shooting Aliens

    Holy crap Mfeff, if I could "Like" your post I would. That's a Hell of a lot of thought, there.
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    Aliens Isn't About Shooting Aliens

    Playing a Newt-like role in a video game seems perfect, too. It's survival-horror in the most true sense if you're playing a defenseless character that has to sneak into harder-to-fit spots than even the Xenomorphs can access. I don't see a problem with trying to make a shooty-Aliens game...
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    No Pressure, Guys, It's Just Halo

    Yup, that's the one. Video games have so many emotions they can tell simply by being interactive. Even in horror games, even though it's just a game and you know it's a game, you don't want to go forward because you're nervous and afraid of death. Even if it just means having to hit restart...
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    No Pressure, Guys, It's Just Halo

    There is a lot to explore in the Halo canon, but it seems they're so focused on Spartans rather than the human element. The ODST commercial is the best thing to come out of Halo since the series was created, and no one seems to understand why (or acknowledge that it is the best thing).
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    Roll Out and The Escapist Expo

    Annette left Nightwish? Well, damn. I feel like their latest album they figured out how to actually write music for a woman that wasn't stuck doing just operatic styles. I mean, I like Dark Passion Play well enough, but Imaginaerum was a pretty solid album (though for me, it started to lose...
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    At the Expo: Love and Goodbyes

    The mellow hit me hard on Sunday, though only exacerbated by the consequences of having a good time the past three nights. I was doing a lot of yelling and cheering during the D20 Burlesque and Concert on Friday and Saturday night, respectively, and all the while chugging a ton of whiskey down...
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    Colonial Marines Storm the Sulaco

    I feel like I've seen this trailer before (and not just because this is all taken from the gameplay segment demonstrated at PAX East). Didn't Gearbox come out and say the original squad idea has been left on the cutting room floor? Or am I remembering wrong?
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    Gears of War Creator Discusses Firefly: The Game

    If there is a Firefly game it will probably be handled by Telltale Games, and that's not a bad thing.
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    Crossing Spec Ops: The Line

    I'm a filthy skimmer so in response to Spider Jerusalem: While you do have a point, from what I know of it the developers intended the White Phosphorous moment to be optional. However, I imagine making such a moment optional was a bit too ambitious for the scale of the project, and in the end...
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    Check out The Escapist's Updated Layout!

    I just checked and my first thought was "The CSS is broken". I'll have to spend more time with it, but my knee-jerk reaction is not a positive one. The home page feels more like a mess, and while I admire making the latest features and such more prominent, I don't like them taking up a huge...
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    Silver And Steel and Shadows In The Moonlight

    I think a lot of people are awfully close-minded when it comes to musical genres, which is funny as I have trouble getting into music that's not power metal. I guess there's at least an appreciation for other styles. I find it more amusing that people suggest Black Metal as being something...
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    RTFM: Remembering the Forgotten Manuals

    Considering most of our ages, probably drive the car heading home. I have some nostalgia over old manuals myself. Booklets and Nintendo Power are basically what taught me how to draw as a child. I'd grab one, put it on the arm rest of the couch, grab a notebook and just imitate what I saw. It...
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    Kid Icarus: Uprising and Hurt Nintendo Fans

    Or not? I don't fault Yahtzee for his view. On one hand, the fact that he's trying to use the stand gives me an "oh, no wonder" moment. My friends and I that haven't even pulled the stand from its box have gotten used to any hand-cramp and have played the game fine as is. But, this is also a...
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    Trailers: Dead or Alive 5 - Hot Zone Trailer

    The story was simplified into a coherent (sort of) retelling in Dead or Alive: Dimensions on the 3DS. As for the trailer, I'm still trying to figure out if they wanted to intentionally mislead people into believing it was for a modern war game of some sorts. It was so incredibly brown and...