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    Need Epic Music

    Holst is pretty awesome... pretty sure you could find The Planets somewhere for free Divine Comedy by Robert W Smith, Thus Spake Zarathustra by Strauss is about as epic as it gets. I'm also a huge fan of Beethoven's Symphony Seven Mov. 2 if you're looking for a really subtle feel
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    Get Your Musical Complaints Off Your Chest

    For me, music is music... I can dance and listen to just about any music with a decent beat or a catchy, and that includes music i generally would dislike and not include on my ipod (stuff like tswift, flo rida, usher etc fall in this category)... im not going to include it on my private...
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    Love for Mccain

    A) Im pro-choice B) McCain has promised to cut spending.... in everything except for military... where the hell do you think all the money is going??? C) That whole sarah palin thing pissed me off, choose someone who actually helps your cause, not a sympathy vote for the Hilary supporters. If...
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    What is the best kind of cheese?

    wow, all you cheddar and jack lovers.... not like thers anything wrong with that, but Camembert and emmenthal are some damn good cheeses Also, bree and feta are damn good, plus gouda is the shit when cooking
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    Well, the election is tomorrow.....(for America, dumbass)

    as many people was blatantly pointed out,it is extremely likely that obama will get in... as close as the race is, these still that 14% undecided, plus obama freaking owns the media... sadly, i do predict an assasination, especially if hes the best president we've had in a while. A because as...
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    Poll: the Universe

    oooo evolving at 900 miles an hour.... darwin would be proud black holes take it in my case... something so pristine and beautiful about impending doom
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    Things you did not know

    and technically, those baseballs dont exist... or at least noone has seen them and no it isnt "technically" possible, unless you want to kill whatever organic material you're teleporting through, or permanently seperate most non-polar things you send through... The world will end on...
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    Final Fantasy 12 - An offline MMORPG.

    just because a game feels/plays like a MMORPG doesn't mean it is, by definition a MMORPG must be massive and/or multiplayer, and unless the game is telepathic (which im pretty sure would still be considered online), a MMORPG cannot be offline. Just a casual remark, paradoxes in subject lines...
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    No Game ever deserves 10/10... Do you agree?

    so if its an 8 you just model it in your house???? I think the only game that has ever honestly deserved a 10/10 (barring MGS 4 as i have yet to play/judge) has been CIV 4. The AI and gameplay where absolutely amazing, plus most things sid miers touches are great in their own respects
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    No Game ever deserves 10/10... Do you agree?

    um 5/10 = 2.5/5
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    No Game ever deserves 10/10... Do you agree?

    i hate how in reviews most people give scores to graphics. Its a product of its time, and if a game like super mario rpg was released now on Xbox 360, with its graphics the same, it would get a crappy review. However, it is now one of (at least from my perspective) one of the best video games...
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    Stolen Pixels #7: Vulture Milk

    not going to lie, i still loved the days in runescape when you searched hay to find a needle
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    Poll: worst AI moments in gaming(coughhalo3cough)

    shying away from allied AI, the entire game of night fire for PC (not GC, im not entirely sure how that happened) was horrible, even of hard the wouldnt look at you until youd emptied a clip into their face, and even then the guy standing next to him would still be carrying on the same scripted...
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    About LEGO Games

    im pretty sure lego island did this... or some lego creator shit...
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    About LEGO Games

    lego no country for old men