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    Texas Boy Spends PS4 Money To Help Neighbors After Tragedy

    Okay, I'm going to put my flame shields up for this but... I really don't think this should be news worthy. I used to save up for stuff all the time. I paid my first PS2 and XBox in cash out of my own pocket.I bought Game Boys and Games and everything. I saved every penny. When I saw...
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    Doctor Who - Peter Capaldi - Weird

    Actually he was credited as a W.H.O Doctor because he worked at the W.H.O, World Health Organization. About 3-4 other actors shared this same role and none of them ever gave their names, so they couldn't identifiably credit them as this. Honestly, I call coincidence on this
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    So a black actor is considering role of Johnny Storm and nerdrage has turned racist again.

    Well first don't forget that Johnny and Sue Storm are brother and sister. 100% same parents siblings, so unless they wanna start messing with their backgrounds, they'll need a black actress for Sue Storm as well, which I could be okay with. Heimdall was never black in the comics, yet he was in...
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    New Army of Two trailer has Poe's Law in full effect.

    I'm sure people can make the connection between Mexican gang and Mexican food. The human race has hope for intelligence yet. To be honest this was my first look at the game and they look like they have the same build as the other two, so I never bothered asking if it was different people...
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    New Army of Two trailer has Poe's Law in full effect.

    I think (and I really can't stress the word think enough) that he's mentioned his love of tacos in past games. The line seemed pretty familiar
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    Do "Nerds" Not Enjoy Sports, Or Just Not Mainstream Ones?

    My girlfriend and I are decently big sports fans. I follow a few teams in the on season and so does she. It's pretty normal around here too. I know a bunch of football and rugby fans. Some of the biggest nerds around here love sports
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    Porn Virgins Do Not Exist

    I'm from the south shore, which for those not from the area, is off the island of montreal, the southern land surrounding the island. We have a few groups of Jehovah's witnesses, mormons, very catholic types, etc.. I know a few people who have never watched porn, so I call not looking hard enough
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    15 year old girl kills herself after persistent bullying

    Actually this is something I didn't mention in my rant. While I can appreciate that girl is really troubled and may have exercised horrendous judgement, she took every step to the extreme. How often are we told every month just how much of our information FB takes, even though we don't enter it...
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    15 year old girl kills herself after persistent bullying

    Everyone handles bullying in their own way I guess. I elementary school. I was tormented on several occasions. I can't remember anything I every did wrong or to deserve it, but many schools have that kid that gets bullied because no one else is really around to take it, or because they're an...
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    What the eff, Dishonored? (No Spoilers}

    I once dide a blink jump with someone in my hands just as the game his a conversation cut-scene. The person flew out of my hands at about 50 mph, hit a wall and died
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    What the eff, Dishonored? (No Spoilers}

    I ran into a huge issue in the Golden Cat level. I played it about 5 times from when you are brought into the area to when you leave. Never killed a single person, yet it kept telling me that I did. I think rat swarms count as they are considered hostile.
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    Guild Wars 2: How it compares to other MMO's.

    My question would be this: If you don't like MMORPGs (Notice I put the MMO there as you DID say you like RPGs), then WHY THE FUCK would you decide to turn out a review on whether or not this game was any different than the others you played? If you don't like MMOs, don't buy them. They all...
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    Im tired of "Better Graphics" being a major argument of PC vs. Console

    To be honest, if I play a game on my PC< I typically don't turn the graphics above "Medium". Skyrim is still gorgeous played on Low, and I'd rather focus on being able to play a game than see things and go "oooooooh" Sure, I like graphics advanced enough to let me see what I should be looking...
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    RAGE QUIT!!!1!11!! >:(

    I'm really sorry, but this must be said... GOAL!
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    Shadowy DLC Haunts Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    I find potions in this game almost negligible. THe effects wear off so fast, you can't carry the effects from one fight to another, so I got tired of going into the quick menu and guzzling them. Still, when I touched down in Klurikon, I was at Level 30+