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    I need game challenge suggestions

    I like your enthusiasm! Think I'll do that with DMC 3 however.
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    I need game challenge suggestions

    Yea that is impossible
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    I need game challenge suggestions

    Hey everybody. I'd like to go after some game challenges, but I've spent the last year over-seas, and I'm a little fuzzy. These can be from classic or new games from any console (not PC), and can include speed-runs, life limits, marathons, endurances, or what the hell ever! I'm waiting for a...
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    Draw a game in paint

    resident evil 2?
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    Draw a game in paint

    Resident Evil 2?
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    Draw a game in paint

    It is Sands of time. The Prince Shat himself at the end of the jump. It's PoP PooP.
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    Draw a game in paint

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    Assumptions you hate.

    People assume guy photographers are gay. Not only are we not gay, we've stumbled upon the golden ticket! I am a photojournalist, so I get paid to go out to some of the hottest events, point a very phallic symbol at women and shoot them in the face! HA-HA-HAAAAA! All joking aside, I have every...
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    Is it worth becoming a Vampire on "Oblivion"?

    no, no, no, fuck no, no no no no no no no.....
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    What's Your Black Ops Loadout?

    tactical mask is very shitty until you get it to pro level, then it makes you impervious to Flashbangs and concussions. When people think they've flashed you(hee hee) but they haven't, you can do some serious humiliation!
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    What's Your Black Ops Loadout?

    Main Weapon: FAMAS w/ grenade launcher.... then Commando w grenade l Secondary Weapon: LAW Launcher Lethal Grenade: Frag Grenade Special Grenade: Flashbang or Nova Equipment: Claymore Perk 1: Scavenger pro Perk 2: Hardened pro Perk 3: Tactical mask pro- not useless at pro...
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    I get insulted because I buy my music...wait, what?

    A wise man by the name of Dimebag Darrell once said "you just gotta play music because you love to play music, and never even think about making a single fucking cent. Then you get so good at doing what you just do, somebody sees that in you and then bam! You get signed! Doesn't matter how many...
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    I have had it with Valve

    They need to release the HL games more often than twice a decade, that's for sure. I can't wait for the new portal though, especially with the lack of creative gameplay we seem to see these days (minus Limbo, which was as good as Portal).
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    Every State in the USA goes to war with each other, who wins (you can't say your home state)

    I heard Cincinnati is a fun place. In terms of the war I would have to go with Colorado. Seems like they would be more knowledgeable about rocky terrain, which would confuse the rest of the country.
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    My problem with Bethesda games

    agree to disagree, but they are the best games I've played on my 360 so far outside of MW2.