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    Parents on Facebook

    My mum has facebook and at first I wouldn't add her because as I said to her at the time we lived in the same house, I was eighteen and she was totally aware of what I got up to. Later on when her and Dad moved to a different city I added her 'cause it seemed important to her and to date the...
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    Why is Low Budget Horror So Popular?

    If you're referring to b-grade, low budget horror people watch it because it's hilarious. You know, the whole so bad it's good thing. At least that's why my friends and I watch them.
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    The MOST DRUNK I/You got was...

    Okay so I'm Australian and on the last Australia day I was on my own in Edinburgh on a holiday. I woke up slightly drunk from the night before so I figured, why not, it's Australia day and headed down to the bar in the hostel I was staying in. It was there that I met some Irish fellows who were...
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    Do you smoke? Could you explain this thing?

    1. Do you smoke? Okay, so what made you decide on the brand and particular flavor you use? I do smoke, not a huge amount but yeah. I decided on the brand(s) I use by trial and error I suppose, I'd try a brand and if I didn't like it I'd try something else. I generally roll my own using...
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    Poll: Does pirating a game to test it make it okay?

    If you intend on paying for the game I see nothing wrong with it. If you can't run it you're not paying for a game you're not playing, if you can and you buy it you're paying for a game that you're playing, I'd hardly call that wrong.
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    What is your GOTY so far?

    BROderlands 2, no question. I'm loving this game so much.
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    Your most Memorable Strategy game Expirence

    I remember at a LAN once we played a 3 vs. 3 round of Age Of Empires II: Age Of Kings. My team mates weren't really great RTS players, I'm not amazing, competent certainly but these guys weren't entirely sure what they were doing. They were both pretty aggressive players so I came up with my...
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    Doing research on smoking; Please answer my poll!

    1. Gender Male 2. Age Nineteen 3. Continent you currently live in Australia 4. Do you use nicotine-products? Yes 5. Ciqarettes, pipe, ciqars or snuff? Cigarettes and the occasional cigar 6. If you knew you could stop using nicotine-products painlessly without the risk of failing...
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    School vs Massive Mohawk.

    Up the punks, the kid's got the attitude down. Anyway, if the school has no regulations against this I don't think they should be allowed to make him wear it down. If they had regulations regarding length/style/colour I'd be on their side but apparently they don't so the kid hasn't done...
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    Have you/family member/friend etc, ever suffered from a mental illness?

    Mmm, on my mothers side we have depression, bi-polar, uni-polar, ocd, insomnia and alcoholism. On my Dads side we have a couple of ex heroin addicts. Studies have been done on my mothers side of the family because of the high rate of mental illness. Still, I'm still alive so that's a positive...
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    How old were you when you had your first cigarette?

    I'm aware that smoking's bad for you but not smoking doesn't make you any better or more intelligent than a smoker. Please, respect other people decisions. What you're doing is the equivalent of a gym junkie chastising someone for not exercising daily. OT: I had my first cigarette at fifteen...
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    How much is your hair worth?

    As a metalhead my hair is worth an awful lot to me. I'm still in the process of growing it out, it's really quite long at the moment but not long enough.
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    Counter-Strike GO

    I played it and I didn't enjoy it. I don't really have a reason, I just didn't enjoy the time spent playing that game.
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    How old are you guys?

    Apparently, yeah. I have long hair and a beard, I drink heavily and work in hospitality. It's not looking good for me acting like and adult by the end of the year. Take comfort in the fact that there are still people less mature than you, friend.
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    How old are you guys?

    19 years old. I'll be twenty in October, Halloween to be exact. Not looking forward to this whole real adult business.