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    Meta: A super power RP with lore! Closed/Started

    Is this dead or are you still taking applicants?
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    What is the creepiest and/or scariest thing you have seen/done/heard/read?

    Thought you guys were exaggerating, jumped right straight out of my chair and woke up my roommate.
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    Anyone want total war 2 shogun

    Yeah, I'm in
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    So a black actor is considering role of Johnny Storm and nerdrage has turned racist again.

    You guys all remember Idris Elba as Heimdall? Yeah, he was fucking badass I say give anybody a chance to make a unique version of a character rather than what we've seen for the past 70 years in comic books.
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    The Idiosyncrasies of Lara Croft

    It's a clear example of story/game play segregation, maybe it could have been helped or enhanced if after killing several animals/people in a row she'd throw up or freak out but as the game progressed this would happen with less frequency. Let's at least be happen that the re-boot isn't a shit game.
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    Suddenly you're famous!

    Marry Taylor Swift, ???, profit
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    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Dragonborn DLC trailer

    TAKE MY MONEY AL OFF IT!!! Seriously after the last two DLC were rather disappointing this is finally starting to look like the DLC that makes me want to play again.
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    Your Name.

    Skylar Fried, like fried chicken, one of my best friends is named Sean Blais we're terrified that any cop that pulls us over won't believe were being serious lol.
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    Veneficus Terminus - A Magical Adventure RP (CLOSED, NOT STARTED)

    Hahhahahaha I just got that.
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    Veneficus Terminus - A Magical Adventure RP (CLOSED, NOT STARTED)

    Alright bring on the zombies!!!
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    Cliffhangers you want to see resolved.

    It wasn't really a cliff hanger but I'd like to see what happens after the end of Dark Souls. Maybe a quick Dlc pack where you get to see a little more of the age of fire or dark.
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    Bizarrely Easy Boss Fights

    Satan from Castlevania Lords of Shadow, they give you unlimited magic and make war could have been an epic.boss fight the easiest part of the game by far.
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    Hell Yeah! Giving away a Dead Rabbit on Steam

    Looks like a fun game I'm in