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    Poll: Are Skyrim enemies overpowered?

    You know that you can change the difficulty setting at any time in the options menu, right? That said, I haven't had a problem yet on Adept. A game in which I never die is a game that's way too easy for me and I haven't died enough to get upset about it so...... I might go up a difficulty...
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    Poll: Is zero a number? (Read before voting)

    Yes it's a number. Numbers are used to represent values. 1 represents a single something, 0 represents none of something. I think the main issue with this whole debate is that most people are assuming that the number zero and the concept of nothing are one and the same. Perhaps the two need...
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    Favorite Cancelled TV Show

    Easily the correct answer is Clone High. "You know my policy regarding fatties" - JFK
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    Activision: New Sledgehammer Call of Duty Will Broaden Audience

    Nope. But it is amusing none-the-less.
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    Review: Just Cause 2

    Travel solutions: 1. Drop in a Jet. 2. Extract and fast travel. 3. Have some fun on the way. Hijack people's cars and then grapple them to the back of it, or stunt jump on top of a moving car and then grapple other fast moving cars to the ground, or parachute slingshot your way there. I...
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    Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Friggin dust... how does cutting a 2x4 kick up a huge cloud of dust. I mean really....
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    Does the escapist want to help me?

    1. Dontcha put it in your mouth 2. Flashbangs are no ones friend 3. You are always right 4. Except when you're not 5. Laugh at the misfortunes of others. They do it to you. 6. Dont cry over spilled milk 7. Its only wrong if you get caught 8. <color=white>Intelligence and determination...
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    Does the escapist want to help me?

    Make yourself indispensable. Keep someone that is dispensable around. Make your own rules. Break your own rules. If it doesn't work the first time, blow on it. Bros before hoes Don't pee in the pool Those are the droids you're looking for Exploit weakness. His name is not Eggman. Its Dr...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dante's Inferno

    Haha. Right hand joke. So awesome. I wanna know what the deal is with the hairy bum thing though :S
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    How would you choose to die?

    Jumping from a 40+ story building at night while on fire. Maybe in a flame suit. I don't want to suffer on the way down, its just for effect. Alternatively, sacrifice for the greater good. For example: Staying behind to manually detonate a bomb to destroy an asteroid on a collision course...
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    Bosses you felt bad about killing

    Agreed. If only there could have been a way to resist it. Once you actually understand you are being controlled, having the option to fight it would have been nice. Regardless it was a great scene.
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    Gamers are Killing the Games Industry

    I'm, for the most part, strictly a console gamer. I know I could get my systems modded and have had it offered to me but I refuse. The only games I don't buy are ROMs of older generation games I can't find actual copies of anymore. I understand your argument and agree for the most part but...
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    Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect 2

    Is that really what space probes look like? I wonder who designed them...
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    OMG 2012 is comming!!

    It's surprising that more people don't know this, but actually the Mayan Calender's were interpreted incorrectly and is actually offset by 6 years. The end of the world was actually 2006 and we all died a horrible tragic death. For the last 4 years the government has been trying to cover it all...
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    Poll: Modern Warfare 2: Is "Rush" as bad as camping? Your Views? Patches for: -sprint speed with package markers -all infinite package glitches -1887 range and others should be in effect on all consoles today. OT: Nothing wrong with either. Camping < Check your corners...