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    Aspiring rap star shoot friends as a sacrifice to the Illuminati

    Nicki Minaj's story is actually quite sad if you care about serious music. She was slowly getting notice and "hype" in the underground rap world after releasing a couple pretty good free projects. Back in those days she could actually rap really well, and she had a certain energy and charisma...
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    Best song *Titles*

    It might due to me having to study mathematics while the temperature is roughly 2500 degrees celcius outside (which results in twice that amount in our stupid university library), but i find myself agreeing with the following title : "Fuck School (Party Instead)" Truly words to live by.
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    "Don't give a sh*t" mood songs!

    Guys, read the post. It's not "I don't give a shit songs" it's "I don't give a shit about you song". I'm a bit suprised no-one has mentioned the big, looming elephant in the room. I would prefer this though.
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    Swedish politican caught up in 'racist cake' row.

    As a swedish citizen i'm certified to tell you that the people in the swedish artsy and cultural sectors are among the craziest fuckers to walk this godforsaken earth. I can't really blame the minister for just going along with the whole spectacle. She was unprepared for the whole thing...
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    Please explain Electronic music

    They (me aswell i guess) might very well be ignorant to the ways of techno/trance/hardstyle due to house and hip-hop/RnB/reggaeton making up for about 80% of the music played in clubs around here. My two cents is that BPM can be used to keep genres apart in laymans terms without having to go...
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    Please explain Electronic music

    [Edit] Somehow half this post got eaten, this is the second part 170-Anything above Hardcore. As for my personal taste it's house most of the way, and even then i prefer the heavier nightclub/arena kind. The whole poppy Flo Rida/David Guetta style of house is okay but kinda...
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    Please explain Electronic music

    [Edit] Half this post got eaten, this is the first part. All the different genres and subgenres of electronic really is a mire of stuff that i still don't fully grasp to this day. The fact that many people get angry when you mislabel their tastes doesn't help. I mainly deal with EDM...
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    I need help With a job interview

    Well if you got the physical capabilities doing some flips and shit doesn't take much preparation and looks impressive. Just start looking at what you are good at and go from there. If you have no showy talents then pick something relatively easy and practice until you are decent.
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    Poll: So... I think I like fat chicks.

    Well thats good, it all comes down to your individual preferences after all. Personally i think fat is extremely unsightly and a full-blown fat person undressed results in low-key nausea for me. I can't even remember all the times i have been demonized for this opinion both online and...
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    Poll: Chubby is cute too.

    First of all, why the heck can't people just say overweight and be done with it? "Chubby" and "Curvy" has lost all original meaning because people keep using them as a substitute for overweight. OT: It's all down to personal opinion. That's all there is. Personally i think being chubbby is...
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    Your current musical obsession!

    I've been getting into Jay-Z ridiculously much these last weeks. I think i've been to young and stupid to appreciate him up until now. He's very much a grown ass man rapping. It's hard to appreciate songs about working hard, having buisness sense and having to deal with jealous competitors...
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    My thoughts on "Kick-Ass"

    I liked it, i thought it was a good mix between funny moments and more serious arcs. Admittedly i watched it while seeing my cousins for the first time in half a year so maybe that affected my judgement. My favourite moments was the dude who threw himself off the building and everybody...
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    Its'a me! (Photo thread)

    You do look very young though (i'm sorry, dont hate me). But imagine how grateful you will be for that in 10-15 years, look on the bright side of life and all that. Yeah, i'm suprised by the diversity of looks in here. Good to know that we don't fuel the ugly stereotype of the...
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    Poll: Would you ever hit a woman?

    Well i have a policy to never start brawls with anyone, so that would mean that she was the one who decided to take the conflict into fisticuffs territory. In that case i would have no qualms about hitting a woman, equal oppurtunity for all i say!
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    Poll: Do you enjoy instrumental music?

    Yeah, but i don't agree with the fact that instrumental is automatically better. A talented songwriter can add something to a song that the music can't achieve on it's own. In the end i think it has a lot to do with what kind of music it is. Some genres wouldn't work at all without lyrics...