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    Poll: Do you prefer American English spelling or British English spelling?

    my worst one is that I can't shake the word 'gaol'. I learned that variation as a kid and now even other "english" speakers hardly recognise it. Writing it that other way just seems wrong. In everything else I use Australian English which is pretty much the same as Pommie English. Don't...
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    Favorite Philosopher

    My favourite is also Ayn Rand. And she only died in 1982, so that's only 26 years ago. EDIT: This thread appears more to be a list than a discussion. I will point out that the free market and Capitalism had NOTHING to do with the latest financial meltdown. I will not hijack this thread...
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    Favorite Downloadable/User Generated Content?

    genital shaped creatures in Spore... on a more serious note: the custom skins and tracks for trackmania really broaden that game out a lot. Especially the 5 star rated tracks. (you still get some ordinary tracks, but some are better than the originals.) Elder Scrolls for last few games has...
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    If you could make a certain game music a ringtone?

    I've already got the "roman theme" from the settlers(3) on my phone. All the music from that game is the best (most appropriate) I've ever come across in a video game. Except maybe once when I heard Radar Love while playing ridge racer. But that was just my stereo, not the game. Oh, and my...
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    What's your virtue?

    From your link: sub·jec·tive (səb-jěk'tĭv) Pronunciation Key adj. 1.A. Proceeding from or taking place in a person's mind rather than the external world: a subjective decision. 1.B. Particular to a given person; personal: subjective experience. 2. Moodily...
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    It was a pleasure to burn. Fahrenheit 451

    I was given this book back when I was 17 or something. Still haven't read it. Might have to after the review though. It's peaked my interest.
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    What's your virtue?

    Subjective means it is created (or alterable) by an individuals consciousness. So justice is NOT subjective. The reasons why people arrive at different appraisals is not proof that the universe is in flux and that the judgement (and the other persons character) is created within the mind of the...
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    What's your virtue?

    You praise me, partially, for something I never said or intended. And pride isn't just "holding your opinion in high esteem"... that is a value. Pride, the virtue, is the actions taken to EARN that self-esteem in your own eyes. Justice is the esteem in which you hold others actions and values...
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    Java programming help plz...

    you might want to check the funds **BEFORE** you do the withdrawl... lolz
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    What's your virtue?

    JMeganSnow is actually correct in this. Justice, when talking of personal virtues, is to always grant people what they have earned. The virtue that best responds to what you, theklng, have described is Pride.
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    Logic /Mind games

    Dunno what you mean by "smart." Puzzle games require thinking, but games from strategy (RTS & turnbased) to RPG's and even tactical shooters require planning and strategy to be truly GOOD at them. If your looking for purely "intelligence" building i would suggest games like PuzzleQuest or...
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    Poll: Cooking, can you do it?

    I am definitely a hobby cook. I can follow any recipe under the sun and know how to change a recipe based on my own personal tastes. I.e. I can read a recipe know what it's gonna taste like and plan a slight difference. I've never really "invented" a dish. For me I like the process of following...
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    Poll: Would you Rather

    huh??? it's 42. Sorry :) heh, i'm not really.
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    187: Hard-Wired for Gaming

    A very good article, which I thought was the best I've seen on this site yet. Of course, being autistic myself, I could be biased. I got my first video game (BBC Micro) in 1987, so the games were no where near as sophisticated. For me video gaming was the retreat when "the world" became too...
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    Ayn Rand

    Scarecrow38: Ayn Rand specifically states that individual rights place a burden upon the holder. That burden is to refrain from infringing upon the rights of others. So there is no "no holds barred" egoistic slaughters happening. Cheeze_pavilion: The philosophy of Objectivism is aimed at...