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    if everyone was transformed in to their favorite videogame protagonist who/what would you be

    Actually... yes. Although it's true that Jackie has an unbelievable amount of power, the use of Darklings (cherubic demons), and is known for his abilities with the use of guns... but the man is forced to remain celibate (read the comic!!!) because the moment he gets any woman pregnant he...
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    Poll: Trading in your used games

    Only reason why I said "Never" was because all of my games were stolen.
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    if everyone was transformed in to their favorite videogame protagonist who/what would you be

    Two words: Chris Redfield . . . 'nuff said
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    Say something nice about the Star Wars Prequel. If you can.

    I loved seeing the Jedi Council. For the first time, ever since the scene in "Empire Strikes Back" where Yoda mentioned having his own council that determined who was to be trained, we were privileged to see just who was apart of that council. Oh, and Samuel L. Jackson as a Jedi was...
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    Marines Desecrate Insurgent corpse, urinate on it

    They shouldn't have urinated on them... the Marines should have poured pig blood on them and let it be a lesson to future insurgents. But of course, that's just my opinion.
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    So, what did you get for Christmas?

    Cashews... That's it... everything else was either for my wife or for fixing up the home. So... yeah... nuts.
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    Poll: What is your favourite kind of sword?

    In the hands of a true practitioner of the sword, any of them can be deadly (especially those who focus on a specific weapon type) like a fencer with a rapier would be just as deadly as a Samurai with a katana, or a certain Dark Elf with his scimitars. Still, I prefer the broadsword simply...
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    were you ever bullied in school?

    Let's see... Elementary school from third grade on I was bullied, slammed into the walls, tripped, thrown down and beaten on, kicked, spit on, had someone throw a baseball at me (shattering my glasses), had my glasses stolen and broken, thrown off the carousel so that my head impacted the ground...
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    Poll: How bad do you procrastinate.

    Hmm, let's see. I've been meaning to publish an entire series of books for about 10 years now... does that qualify?
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    Why the internet hatred for furry?

    I find this conversation interesting, considering I have an anthropomorphic white tiger as my avatar (a picture I actually drew), and as such I have been accused of being a "furry". Not like anyone's opinions really mattered to me, but oh well. I think I can shed some light on a lot of what...
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    Poll: Red VS. Blue, which side for you?

    Blue Team just so I could tell dirty jokes with Tucker, enjoy talking with Church (and probably help him learn how to shoot that sniper rifle), get wild, crazy, and silly with Caboose, flirt with Sister... but mostly, it's just so that I could wear my favorite color. I'd love me some emerald...
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    Poll: Which of these should be canceled

    Never seen modern family, so couldn't tell you. I only saw a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and the first few times I could see it being okay (especially since it had my favorite actress from the Buffy/American Pie series) but after a while I started to really desire a root canal rather...
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    Is it that hard to find a virgin?

    To everyone that has commented to my previous post: I hope that nobody was offended or upset by what I said earlier, I was only talking about my own experience from when I was 17 years old (18 years ago) in a way of relating to Death God's post, and how outwardly harsh I was toward the people...
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    Is it that hard to find a virgin?

    The funny thing is that I said the same thing to my class while in High School, and they had the same reaction. My only response was that I treated virginity as a precious treasure given out only to the one woman that I truly care for and cherish. I told people that I plan only to give it to my...
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    Cartoons you used to watch that no one else knew of.

    I've literally looked through all of the posts just to find a cartoon that I don't remember, and I must say I haven't been stumped yet. I doubt that anyone here will remember any of the cartoons I'm going to mention though. I used to watch each of these when I was barely out of diapers... and...