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    Searching for studio grade headsets (with mic for gaming)

    Studio Grade as in heavy metal frames. Something durable that it would last me years to come. I'm not worried about price. I only want to find a set, but google has found nothing for me. Can someone help me out?
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    Poll: MMOs of 2012

    Interesting... I have never heard of it, but if I were to ever play a Japanese MMO, this would be it. However, that will not be, for I will instead be spending most of my days with GW2, as it has impressed me the most so far.
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    Poll: So I'm still not convinced that Brave New World is a dystopia...

    Yes, "Brave New World" is a Dystopia ( ) along with "1984". Both of these novels were so frightening for the intellectual part of the world (1984 only got more attention because people didn't see the bad in Brave New World. Theory as to why the masses didn't...
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    How long did it take you to "finish" Skyrim?

    Did it once... but I think it took me 100 hours like you, including of course Sidequests and Dungeons.
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    Why do you hate Skyrim?

    I have seen a thread a while ago where someone thuroughly complained about how Skyrim wasn't Oblivion. They exist, people do hate this game, and for unknown reasons they continue to hate it despite the fact they don't even want to play it. I do not hate this game. It is infact one of the best...
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    Why do we go towards threads we hate?

    You will always spot these things. 50% of the threads you see will not be noticed by you yourself. 25% of said threads that you do notice are supposedly ones you like/love. The last 25% are ones you dislike/hate. The only reason you would go to this thread is if you do not see the 25% of likable...
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    Name my gear in Skyrim!

    Whenever I name my gear, I use the Dragon Language to name it. There might be a Dictionary online, if not try and find a friend with the guide. EDIT: You're the Dovahkiin, ACT LIKE IT!
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    Southpark, the RPG

    As a Dialogue, it lends itself as an RPG beautifully. Exploration wise you can find yourself going to past area's, also finding yourself in possible areas such as Heaven or Hell dependant upon which type of 'Morals' you chose. I would imagine this game to be dialogue heavy, so combat may be out...
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    Southpark, the RPG

    THQ and Obsidian have finally decided to release their project too the world. Remember when Obsidian said that they were working on a project that was about a TV Program? This is it. Thoughts? Here is a link with more details. It will release the second half of 2012...
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    Poll: Which Thu'um would you pick?

    Tiid Klo Ul (Time Sand Eternity) would have to be my choice. To slow down time by 90% for 16 seconds with a cooldown of a minute? A lot can happen in 16 seconds that's worth it, such as... getting through traffic unhindered.
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    Rumor: Dragon Age Getting Multiplayer

    I FUCKING KNEW IT! I knew this would happen eventually, and Bioware would buckle down to EA's retardation. Bioware is now dead to me. Single-player is now officially dead, for only companies like Bethesda stand as a beacon of hope (Obsidian gives Singleplayers a bad name though). I don't want to...
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    Poll: A compromise for Skyrim's children

    Whatever happened to not downloading the mod... People are fucking stupid. Fallout, Fallout NV, and Oblivion had the same mods, so why should Skyrim be any different?
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    Why Jim Sterling's Mario Kart 7 review is bullshit.

    Question: Have you actually 'played' the game? You have given no indication that you have, thus any argument you have against Mr. Sterling and his god given right to be an individual with voice is invalid. Just because he is a Critic does not mean you have to listen to him or read his work...
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    Skyrim: Why do dragons still attack me after I've ***spoiler***

    In a sense, Dragons by their very nature are like Politicians, except extremely wild. They don't like the fact that they were dead for so long, and a good number of them would rather be back on top ruling the world than even think of being on the level with the Mer/Bretons, and Nords/Imperials...
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    Poll: Which is Game Of The Year?

    The fact that I haven't stopped playing Skyrim since it has come out tells me it 'deserves' GotY. I'm serious, the controller is only put down for classes and sleep, and that means I have probably about 150 (give or take) hours on, it and I still love it. I think runner up to Skyrim should be...