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    I'm going to miss you people when the Escapist shuts down.

    I haven't posted here in years, but I still come here every day to read the forums. I'm gonna miss it a lot when it's no longer around. Some of those names you mentioned brought memories, thanks for sharing.
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    What kind of insects and animals do you deal with where you live?

    I live in Seattle, and we have a lot of spiders around here, but not the dangerous kind, just ugly ones. I had an exterminator come when I moved into my new place, because there was a bit of an infestation, but since then I've hardly seen any. I don't know about snakes or anything here, but I...
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    Altered Beast needs a remake

    I always felt like you don't actually play Altered beast, you perform it. Like a Mozart concerto, you just practice it over and over until you can recite it perfectly.
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    What games did you play in school?

    Not much. I had the occasional Tiger Handheld, if those even count as video games, because I was too poor for a Gameboy. There was a small computer lab in elementary school that had a few educational games. I hated Oregon Trail and never played that, but remember liking something called...
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    Where were you when 9/11 happened?

    I was still in the army back then, studying at the Defense Language Institute, and was at an early morning health and welfare mandatory class. I remember watching a Powerpoint presentation about safe sex with some clip art of a blue and a pink safe having sex up on the screen while the cadre in...
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    If Disney's Little Mermaid had been faithful, would it have been better?

    Yeah, exactly. I think I saw a bunch of those classics adaptations, now that you mention it. There's something weirdly interesting about them. Watership Down was another one that would fit in that category. I certainly can't speak for all kids, but I was easily traumatized by literally...
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    If Disney's Little Mermaid had been faithful, would it have been better?

    Around the time that the Disney Little Mermaid came out, I remember having a videotape of this other Little Mermaid movie that was made in Japan in the 70's. The story was a much more faithful adaptation of the original, including the ending. I still remember thinking about it and comparing...
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    Poll: Implants: Do/would you support them? (Probably NSFW)

    Or bras, for that matter! You'll be shopping, and see all these really pretty ones, and then you look at what sizes they're in. I'm right on the border between sometimes finding the ONE that was ever shipped to the store, and being stuck in the grandma section for life. Maybe that's...
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    Poll: Implants: Do/would you support them? (Probably NSFW)

    If I had smaller boobs and wanted them bigger, then honestly, I could see myself potentially considering it. It just seems like a logical option, and it's nice that it exists. Obvious implants often do look artificial and kind of freaky to me (like, my brain doesn't see them as actually being...
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    A Cosplayer's Response to Xbox's GDC "Core Values"

    No, I'm going to have to go with Gethsemani and maninahat on this one. If that were Microsoft's response to a bunch of women who showed up to the event in that cosplay, unaffiliated, I would be very angry. But being hired for that changes things. It's why I'm perfectly fine with cosplay as a...
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    Poll: How many straight birth-gendered females are on the Escapist?

    I'm one, though I rarely ever post here anymore. I read the forum just about every day, though.
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    Its times like this I am glad I was not an 80s kid.

    I dunno. I was born in the early 80's, and my only recollection of Ghostbusters and most other 80's movies/nostalgia is being slightly traumatized by it. Even the kids' movies I actually liked, like Land Before time and All Dogs Go to Heaven. I was too young to even know about most of it until...
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    Poll: What's your blood type?

    The army told me I'm O-, which means I'm descended from alien lizard people.
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    Johnny Depp Named Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor By Forbes

    Basically. I'm not much of Johnny Depp person in general, but I actually thought Mortdecai was hilarious. I couldn't believe that the reviews were so bad.
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    I started wearing contacts when I was 12 and loved them. I used to sleep in them and everything, and it was awesome. Something about my eyes changed about 8 years ago (maybe allergies/more staring at monitors?) and now after wearing contacts for just a few hours I get headaches and my eyes...