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    long term subsititute teacher quits after her 1st day

    Crazy. At least she won't be hired at my school now. I live in Concord (MA) so without that email my school could have been stuck with a terrible science teacher. Your principal seems to be quite principled.
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    Why does everyone ate comic sans?

    I personally find that eating Comics Sans can cure one of many ailments. I cured myself of leprosy, malaria, and cholera by eating large amounts of Comic Sans daily.
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    Poll: Is playing video games a poor mans hobby ?

    I'm not sure about either of these things, but I'd say I make $9-10,000 working part time (I'm a junior in highschool), and spend maybe $1-2,000 a year on games since I don't have any living expenses. However, you won't get a concrete answer to such a general question. Since so many people...
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    Poll: Deus Ex: HR. Worth full price or wait for drop?

    It's definitely worth it. However, don't shrug off David Sarif's demand that you get to the helicopter quickly; there may not be an onscreen time limit, but bad things will happen if you dilly daddle.
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    Game characters that have the same name as you?

    My name (Cole) seems to have become surprisingly common in the past couple of years, both in videogames and in real life. I used to be the only person I knew of named Cole, but now I'm encountering carbon in its ordinary form practically every day, especially in videogames. Cole MacGrath and...
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    I need to laugh...

    First, playing that sweet Nyan cat Jazz in two separate tabs is a brilliant idea. My ears are pretty aroused right now; I'm not sure where this is going to lead, but a Q-tip might be needed afterwards Second, your blog is far funnier than I expected. It has earned a coveted spot in my...
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    Why is WWII taught so extensively in most countries yet WWI is just glossed over?

    If this is the case outside of America I would guess that it stems both from the fact that World War II established the current state of the world more than anything else except for possibly the Cold War, which WWII caused anyway, and that, unlike in WWI, the allies were obviously the good guys...
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    You are now the opposite gender.

    Honestly? I'd play with my boobs until the end of time.
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    Are you happy?

    Yes, because the Supreme court voted against California's video game related law.
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    When a friend tells you he "does not agree" with the concept of evolution

    Evolution isn't a theory in the general sense, in science a theory is all the knowledge we have on a subject. Your friend isn't just believing something irrational, he's refusing to believe that something we have proven to exist is real. It's on the same level of crazy as denying the holocaust...
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    Poll: Teen Sells His Kidney for an iPad 2.

    I wouldn't sell my kidney unless it was a life or death circumstance (that includes the lives of my friends and family). However, because we don't need two kidneys, and donating a kidney is not an incredibly uncommon occurrence, I wouldn't think that the fact that he only has one kidney is...
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    Common Misconceptions

    I don't understand the internet's love affair with My Little Pony. I watched an episode and it didn't seem to be abhorrently evil or bad. It just seemed boring. But I've got no issue with your love of it and it seems like one of the better children's animated TV-shows out there.
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    Common Misconceptions

    Everyone has them. Nobody wants them. They're like mental herpes. So here's what I want you to do: post a few common misconceptions and then post what the truth of matter is. In addition, please post the source of what the correct information is. Wikipedia articles, if they are sufficiently well...
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    If you Could rename a Game what you call it?

    Gameloft's "Hero of Sparta". I would rename it "God of War ... in Greece".
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    I actually searched "your mom" and pretty much all of the images were porn. I can post that if you want but I'm pretty sure the escapist frowns upon that. I think you're just mad because I found out about your mom's little secret. Here's the picture, now I have followed all two of the...