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    What is your favorite Nintendo system of all time?

    SNES. Although it's hard to pick from that and NES, since SNES is missing a few of the games I loved for the NES, but its still better in every other way.
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    Poll: Hatsune Miku gets a Toyota. Any thoughts?

    I hate this ad. There's literally no reason for her to be involved in this, and seriously, they could have at least put some effort into her programing for the pre-existing song they used (and could have just used for the ad, yet didn't). The model for the commerical is the worst I've ever seen...
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    Do You Think You Know Videogame Music? Try Our Quiz!

    So, I finish the quiz, and I don't get a score or anything. So now I have no idea how I did at all. Interesting. Also, my lack of interest in Western games really screwed me over on this.
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    Show your face already!

    Why does it bother you so much OP? Since when do avatars have to be the person themselves? And is some way zoomed out pic of yourself really better than anything that isn't you at all? What a pointless thing to get upset over.
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    So my girlfriend...

    Tell her to stop being clingy. No one likes clingy people anyway, and she needs to learn that. It's seriously that simple.
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    So a punk is messing with you and your friends....

    Shove him through one of those walls of glass most restaurants have near the doors. Then say he drunken stumbled through it when they try say I need to pay. It's worked in the past at least.
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    Poll: Should 4chan be "hunted" down?

    I think if anything, we should just stop people from constantly thinking 4chan is some evil thing, when almost all the people that say so, have never even been there, and usually don't even know how to open the threads there.
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    Question of the Day, October 22, 2010

    Yep. I actually do it pretty frequently. It's always been a fun experience in the past.
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    What's your job?

    I'm an editor for a different website.
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    Kanye West replaces teeth with diamonds

    Screenshoted. Thank you for this.
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    Best Use of Camouflage?

    Photoshop counts as camo now? I guess I learned something today. Or are we talking about the gun being painted? OT: I like DPM pattern the best. I'm not entirely sure why, but I just like how it looks better than any other pattern I've seen.
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    What video games need?

    Less direct rip-offs of other popular games' gameplay, no matter how poor those games really are when you don't have fan bias in the way of seeing it.
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    What brought you to the Escapist?

    My best friend showed me the site. I lurked for about a year, and then made an account to talk in the forums.
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    Milestones: Do you care?

    I never cared for them. I never celebrated any of mine, but I've seen people do everything from 5,000 down to 100. It just seems pointless to me, because I never even look at post counts anyway.
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    Did you see Scott Pilgrim?

    Nope. I had no desire to at any point. And then everyone kept saying, "It's Twilight for boys." That cemented the fact that I made the right decision.