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    Last thread

    Oh what the heck, one last post before the old place shutters. See you on the flipside.
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    PS5 controller revealed.

    This one actually: This is the Japanese version, but the other regions are the same, just different color. Also, its D-pad craps all over the PoS on the 360, or the PS3's. Basically, if you want something that's perfect for arcade style games (historically one of Sega's biggest strengths) and...
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    Anyone get games at myabandonware?

    Whut? Silent Hill 1-4 are common games. Should run you less than 20 bucks. What place were you looking that has prices over $100?
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    PS5 controller revealed.

    If you like it, all the more power to you. I'm just very particular about my D-pads. Way I see it, the Mega Drive 6-button and Saturn were the last and only official controllers for any console with a truly great D-pad.
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    Freebie Info - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments & Close To The Sun [Epic]

    Hello lads. Just heads up, but since the V1 forums will likely be archived some time soon, I will only be posting Freebie Info's on the new forums from now on. Link to the V2 thread for this below. V2 Thread...
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    PS5 controller revealed.

    Aw, shitty D-pad again.
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    The next draw in 2020 disaster bingo is...radioactive forest fires!

    Seeing some conflicting reporting with some sources saying the fire is still ongoing, according to others it is extinguished. Still tho: Dear 2020, can you please stop? For just one moment? Please?
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    What are your top 5 FPS this gen?

    Ok, fine... 5) Prey 4) Black Mesa 3) Doom Eternal 2) Superhot 1) Dusk
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    Persona 5 Royal Impressions: Oh shit. Here we go again.

    Myeah, having supposedly ancient beings act pretty immature is one of the more annoying things of Japanese media. Could've been worse tho. It's pretty common to turn such characters into a girl who both acts and looks like a precocious pre-teen for otaku to fap to. It's ok tho cuz she's really...
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    Freebie Info - Symmetry [ENDED]

    I very much doubt Epic, Humble, Steam or GOG can just decide to make a game free willy nilly. In the case of Epic's freebies, they usually happen when a game launches on their platform, likely as a form of promotion. I haven't found any reliable source on it, but it's pretty much certain...
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    Freebie Info - Symmetry [ENDED]

    Today, for you: Symmetry [] Symmetry will be free at GOG until April 5th at 1pm UTC. To get it, just go to, find the giveaway banner and click the big green "Get It Free" button. The goodies will show up in your library a moment later. Luckily, the banner is...
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    Poll: Lucky cat lore

    Usually solid black fur. Tho whether they're lucky or unlucky differs a lot from culture to culture. They're lucky in Scottish and Japanese folklore. They were holy animals in Ancient Egypt, particularly black ones due to to the association with Bastet, a goddess of protection and fertility...
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    Freebie Info - Drawful 2, Gone Home & Hob [ENDED]

    Today, for you: Drawful 2 [], Gone Home [] & Hob [] Drawful 2, Gone Home & Hob will be free at Epic Games Store...
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    Share something that gave you a good laugh - the official unauthorized thread.

    You know how the new Cats is kind of terribad in every way. They fixed that ... Zack Snyder can only dream of making a Justice League cut that as good as this.