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    Check Your Privilege!

    40/100 not exactly privileged.
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    The Oculus Rift and stereoscopic blindness

    Even with stereoscopic blindness which technically I have also, the experience is still immersive in that you will have video for both eyes. With your dominant eye possibly having 'ghosts' appearing from the weaker eye. For cinema RealD 3D movies I still have the sensation of depth because of...
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    Poll: What's the first thing you do after you break-up with someone?

    Thanks for your That's pretty awesome it seems like it always helps to have a lil' pain in your art.
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    Things that make you ask "What where they thinking?"

    Adding lips and noses to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the MacBookAir track-pad not having tap to select by default, Russia's anti gay "propaganda" laws. Why? Because TMNT look ugly in the uncanny valley that way, because I use different machines it would be nice if they were similar...
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    Poll: What's the first thing you do after you break-up with someone?

    I have this to say about Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Oh Joseph.
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    Original Dungeon Keeper free at GOG

    Despite claiming my free copy of Dungeon Keeper just now, I still haven't played the other free titles on my GOG account, Beneath a Steel Sky and Tyrian 2000 - of which the soundtrack is available, and must be heard for lovers of melody.
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    Poll: What's the first thing you do after you break-up with someone?

    Heheheh I did miss booze! It's nice to see everyone's experiences and thoughts. @BloatedGuppy your film advice is noted and I'll get back to using that pull up bar of mine
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    Poll: What's the first thing you do after you break-up with someone?

    So I had a wonderful valentines day of being kicked out of my girlfriends place. Long story short I did see it coming as there is no salvaging a relationship especially, when you can't cheer someone up who is depressed who pushes you away from previous issues. She has since apologized but as...
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    The Devil and Corvo Attano

    Deliberate or not AntiChri5 the authors interpretation remains legitimate, if not for the games design, but rather the resulting game in spite of development. I'm mindful you're already aware of this just my two cents.
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    Escape to the Movies: Dhoom 3

    I would see the Doom movie remade by a bollywood director. Dancing demons everyone.
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    Well Square, you finally did it... you killed Final Fantasy (A Rant)

    I agree with this point, after all Final Fantasy, (which the designers initially did not intend to become a franchise) has had so many outlandish and even 'sexualized' character designs that to see the more toned down depiction is very refreshing.
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    How do you react to being hit on/checked out?

    I see the word creeper coming up. What do you define as a creeper hitting on you?
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    Games everyone but you hates.

    Burnout Paradise and the Path seem to be hated by my friends. But I enjoy playing them, especially the former which is insane fun even after all these years.
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    Your Avatar is your face

    I'd smile more to scare people.
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    strongly considering getting a MAC. help me.

    So you want to make PDF's from word documents. Use Open Office. No need to thank me you don't even need Microsoft Office anymore. Go fourth be strong.