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    UPDATE: Minecraft's Xbox One Incarnation Won't Transfer Saves

    I thin this is officially the deal breaker for me. I'm definitely going for PS4. Maybe I'll get the Xbone if it gets real cheap.
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    Zero Punctuation: Crysis 3

    This is one of my new favorite episodes lol!
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    Your chance to alter history! Switch a baby!

    Hellen Keller and Adolf Hitler. Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci. Osama Bin Laden and Hillary Clinton. Psy and Justin Beiber. Stalin and Benjamin Franklin. Karl Marx and John Rockefeller (Just for weirdness).
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    Which pokemon game should I play (for gameboy advance)

    I just beat Pokemon Leaf Green. I've already played pokemon Crystal
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    Sandwich Reccomendations

    I wish they served that in my cafeteria.
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    Sandwich Reccomendations

    I'll be sure to try that one minus the tomato and mayo.
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    Sandwich Reccomendations

    I was referring to the tree frog obviously. I'm pleasantly surprised no one has recommended a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich yet.
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    Sandwich Reccomendations

    My College has a deli in the cafeteria where you can have someone make you a sandwich. I'm running out of ideas, does anyone have any suggestions for what I should order. Also I am allergic to Tomato, and hate Mayonnaise.
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free In One Week

    I can't wait, from what I've played of the free trial, this is a great game!
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    Zero Punctuation: Guild Wars 2

    I thought it was hysterical when he said "The whole server's a party and everyone is invited".
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    Live-Action Halo Dawns This October

    I think it has some potential. Halo has always been a cinematic property, and the live action trailers were always sweet.
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    Rolling a new character for dungeons and dragons (4th Edition)

    I'm looking to create a new dungeons and dragons(4th edition character). My last character was a Wizard, and was way too overpowered. I'm looking to create a melee person this time around, but am not sure which class to pick. What Class do you guys think I should use. What class should I...
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    Zero Punctuation: Prototype 2

    This has got to be my new favorite Zero Punctuation. Can't stop laughing lol.
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    Poll: "Best" Mass Effect 3 ending (spoilers)

    This has to be my favorite post lol. I honestly liked how they were all terrible, it was a change of pace from moral choice to a regular choice (lesser of two evils).
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    Poll: "Best" Mass Effect 3 ending (spoilers)

    I put "Best" in quotes because I know most people hated the ending. Anyway what was your favorite. I chose the synthesis option and I thought it was pretty cool because it was driving life forward, and was venturing into the unknown. It also demands sacrifice from the protagonist. On the...