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    No Right Answer: Best/Worst Anime Ever

    I don;t know about Dragon Ball Z, but that episode was definitely one of the best No Right Answers! Kinda disappointed that it didn't end with Chris chugging some water whilst simultaneuosly trying to argue either side. PS Got distracted halfway through the episode by the alphabetical order...
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    Ice Cream That Changes Color as You Lick It? Yes, Please

    Call me when they get it to change flavour.
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    The Powerpuff Girls Returns in 2016 as a Reboot

    Absolutely! Especially because Tartakovsky's animation team are amazing.
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    Editorial: Stop Treating Us Like Idiots, Microsoft and EA

    I will agree that I didn't see the point in Dice talking about how good they've made Faith look in Mirror's Edge. It's a first-person game, who cares what the character looks like!?
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    Feed Dump: The Mythical Thigh Boob

    What I want to know is: how much skin is worth $300,000?
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    Escapist News Now: Dark Souls 2 DLC The Lost Crowns Trilogy Announced

    Obligatory "Praise The Sun!" comment
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Rides Batmobile in Style - Hands on - Update

    Same as all the above, couldn't help but notice how offensive some of these weapons are....
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    Guillermo del Toro's The Strain Trailer Proves Vampires Can Still be Scary

    Hmm...i thought the book was crap but I'll give it a go, might work better with a visual medium.
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    Escapist Podcast - Comics and Cosplay: 002: Controversies, Cosplay, and Crazy Moral Panics

    Seriously, i'd love to download and listen to all of these new podcast shows but NONE of them are on the itunes page that you keep directing me to.
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    Dark Souls 2: Of Missing Monsters and Bustling Bases

    Oh wow, you're right....whose decision was that!?
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    Dark Souls 2: Of Missing Monsters and Bustling Bases

    What bugs me is that I was looking forward to fighting those assassins with the white masks that were shown in the trailer. No sign of them in the game....
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    Escapist Podcast: 126: Irrational Games & Titanfall Beta

    "So do you guys think Johnny Depp is gonna be the new Dr. Strange?" "Jesus kill me!" Best start to the Monday ever.
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    Heroes TV Series Returns in 2015

    Wow. I really, REALLY don't care. Why would they bother? It's not exactly a series that people have been clamoring for like, say, Firefly.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls

    There's a general rule that, if the enemies in an area can one-shot shot you, you're not meant to be there yet. I didn't learn this until after I beat the game but I will definitely be applying it to the sequel to save my sanity!
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    Zelda-Influenced Short Film Escape to Get Feature-Length Sequel

    After watching the heart-wrenching Escape, I seriously doubt I can handle a feature length version of that!