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    Poll: Attacks as minigames in your turn-based JRPGs

    QTE in time with the hits is as far as I'm willing to go. Like the gunblades in Final Fantasy 8 or all attacks in Super Mario RPG. Anything more and it can fuck right off, otherwise it pads out the combat unforgivably.
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    Zero Punctuation: Fortnite and Dusk

    Jaysis fokkin' chroyst that 9/11 joke in the credits. Savage. Anyway yeah fuck Early Access, it's ruining games.
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    Metal Gear Survive open beta starts today, ends the 21st Jan

    Konami Must Die. No I'm not being ironic. Konami Must Die. This game MUST fail in order to teach the traitors at Konami HQ that this shit needs to STOP.
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    EA thinks gamers don't enjoy single player games anymore.....

    They really think they can pull the same shit the Council did in Mass Effect? Just denying all "allegations" about the Reapers until finally the Reapers come and wreck everything. They ACTUALLY think they can tell their customers what they want just so they can maximize profits on greedy...
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    Anyone get the hate for Skyrim?

    I hate Skyrim because, like Oblivion, it's so painfully generic (doomsday shit just like Oblivion), hates PC gamers (seriously the interfaces of both Oblivion and Skyrim have nested tabs and shitty navigation which are BIG taboos in PC interface design which is telling that the two were...
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    Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed Origins

    I was right to quit the series around Brotherhood. Already then it was getting repetitive as fuck with the Italians and collect-a-thon bullshit.
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    Tips For a First Time DM

    Running a 5e game for a year. Here's my advice: Your rule is final. No one gets to tell you otherwise. Don't be afraid to assert yourself if anyone starts giving you shit when you're clearly in the right and your interpretation of the rules (and house rules if applicable) is reasonable. You...
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    Zero Punctuation: Cuphead

    I was waiting for you to do Cuphead. Tiny souprice that you like it then. C:
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    Never Enough "FUCK YOUS" For Bethesda

    And people give me shit for hating on Bethesda. THIS is why. The Stockholm Syndrome is real.
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Will Sell Loot Boxes as Microtransactions

    Aaaaand now WB lost a shitload of sales on this statement alone. Seriously, kill off this fucking cancer that is loot crates already. They are TOXIC and add NOTHING to the industry.
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    Rockstar Reaffirms Commitment to Single-Player Mods as OpenIV Comes Back to Life

    Fucking pathetic damage control. Too little too fucking late.
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    Bubsy's back. No, just no.

    That ************ is like Freddy Krueger. He just won't STAY DEAD! Shit like this is what makes it really fucking hard for me to identify as a gamer now.
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    Steam's Refund System is No Substitute for a Prey PC Demo

    I remember a time when demo discs came free with gaming magazines and they always had 6 or more beta builds of upcoming games at the time. That was as good as it got back then but it fucking worked and it helped sell your product down the line. I almost miss those advertisement screens that...
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    Nintendo on Supply Issues: "Sometimes we Get it Wrong"

    No, Nintendo. You don't "sometimes" get it wrong. You get it wrong CONSTANTLY! When did honest business practices become practically illegal?
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    Anyone know any new gaming channels that focus on comedy (like AVGN?)

    So you haven't watched Zero Punctuation then? That's scripted. >w>