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    286: The 12-Year-Old English Kid Who Carried Us to Victory

    Missed this article the first time round. Well written and I agree wholeheartedly with the notion that sometimes, against all odds, teamwork congeals from the cesspools of public play. It just doesn't happen all that often.
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    259: The Player and the Pusher-Man

    Well written Rob. This is why I consider "online persistent gameplay" to be somewhat similar to "donkey porn" in my personal lexicon.
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    256: Able - Bodied Gamer

    Good read. Since the players in the article cited configuration as an important aspect of which games they choose to play, does it follow that the PC is their gaming platform of choice?
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    256: Hardcore Maleness

    Oh good, more prescribed neutering of language in order to make everything vague to the point of complete inoffensiveness. Not saying that it's okay to hang out on the internet calling people fags, but to be honest these kind of antagonistic people would simply find a way to inscribe negative...
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    255: The Player and the Pusher-Man

    Figured as much. The scope would be a bit large. Also figured that not everyone is quite as hell-bent on writing about achievements as I am. :)
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    255: The Player and the Pusher-Man

    Surprised achievements and trophies weren't mentioned. They represent the 'meta-prizes' intended to get players vested in a particular console, and since the rewards are cumulative across different games there's quite a lot going on here in terms of overt behaviour manipulation.
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    254: The OCD Gamer

    Interesting. Many people consider rabid completionism (get every treasure box, 100% progress, etc) to be the most marked trait of an OCD gamer, but this is a bit of a different story.
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    253: Physician, Gank Thyself

    Like some of these other guys have said, it's nice to see some firsthand experience (and, dare I say, empathy) from a mental health professional. Too often these 'experts' form opinions based on conjecture and hearsay and mass media misinterpretation, which is usually more insulting than helpful...
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    250: Garden of Brutality

    I remember showing this game to my girlfriend. She thought it was cute until I noticed that stupid bat creeping onto my property and bludgeoned it with the shovel, like I had done so many times before. She was horrified. Later I showed her that I had recruited the bat to be a good pinata and...
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    239: Curiosity Killed the NPC

    I find it more amusing to think of myself as the director than the character. Works especially well for games like Mass Effect, where (as someone pointed out above) Shepard occasionally does something totally unexpected based on the short text description you choose. Really, Shepard? I just...
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    239: Journey Into Darkness

    Well described! I, too, felt like the Darkness wasn't given a fair shake by most. If they had devoted the resources they put towards multiplayer (that was, predictably, dead on arrival) into the campaign instead, things might've been different. Stupid tacked-on multiplayer... when will these...
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    231: Are You Happy Now?

    Most excellent. I can identify! Christmas was pretty much the only time I got a game each year when I was a kid, so I had to choose carefully. The year I picked Prince of Persia, only to realize it didn't work (very well) with our computer setup was devastating. I freaked right the fuck out...
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    224: So Many Games, So Little Time

    Typo in article: " currenlty retails Bound in Blood for $37.99" Good topic, and I think your experience of transitioning from having lots of time and no money to having lots of cash but no time is a common one.
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    224: The Road to Recovery

    I always wince when people refer to themselves as 'hardcore gamers' with utter sincerity.
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    221: The Language of the Game

    Well written! Can't say I've done anything like the fighting game analogue myself, but the opening paragraph rang pretty true for me. Sometimes I get a little enthusiastic when I meet another gamer and go off on a tirade, only to realize that other people are looking at us like we're insane...