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    Microsoft Exec on Always Online Consoles: "Deal With it"

    I'll believe the rumors about the always online stuff once I actually hear about it from Microsoft come may 21 when their press confrence/announcment thing happens.
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    If you had to have sex with someone outside your sexual preferences

    Bailey Jay I guess. If you dont know who she is she's a transsexual pornstar who hasnt had her "gentleman's luggage" removed yet so I believe she counts for a hetero male.
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    Creepiest Moments You've Had... in Non-Horror Games

    In Hitman 2 Silent Assassin the garden area that you go to between missions there is a scarecrow the TURNS ITS HEAD TO STARE AT YOU!!!! I forgot all about that untill last night when I started playing the new Hitman triple pack thing.
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    Romance in Games that you thought was Well Executed

    Yay four people that liked that game. Seriously the part in the orphanage in the first game was the saddest thing that I have seen in a game since... ever.
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    Poll: Which Chaos god would you serve?

    It worries me that heresy has taken such a deep root in the hearts of humanity. I am proud of my service to the God Emperor and if I shall die by a heritics blade it will be with a prayer to him upon my lips. The Emperor Protects.
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    New Army of Two trailer has Poe's Law in full effect.

    This game looks pretty cool and I will probably pick it up when it comes out. Also I am one of the few people that I know that actually enjoyed the first two Army of Two games. The only thing that I think is dumb it that if you pre-order it you get to play as two random rappers... hooray.
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    Poll: What's the best animated show airing right now?

    The Black Dynamite cartoon. What kind of jive ass turkey dont like Black Dynamite?
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    Show me your sexy desktop!

    This may be the sexiest thing that you ever see. EDIT-Alright I suck at coding and beyond basic progamming. Here is the link to my wallpaper that I got off the internet. NO PITY, NO REMORSE, NO FEAR!!!
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    Goddamnit Rockstar! (Share your first world problems)

    I hate that I cant skip the company logos when you boot up some videogames. Dammit I know who the companies that made them are now let me shoot Brazilians in the face in slow-mo Rockstar you bastards.
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    What, if anything, would you kill for?

    For the Imperium of Man obviously. Kill the Mutants. Burn the Heretics. Purge the Unclean!
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    What would you give to an alien?

    I would send a weapon powerful enough to carry out the holy order of exterminatus against the foul xenos. This galaxy belongs to humanity.
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    Poll: Give up Human Form: If you had this option, would you take it?

    Yes because then I can be a tech-preist of the Adaptus Mechanicus. Or become an Adaptus Astartes, they are technically not human.
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    Old games that hold up today

    An old shooter on the ps2 and xbox called Urban Chaos Riot Response. It was a game where you were a riot cop of sorts that fights a stupidly named gang called the Burners. But it was fun, brutal and the controls worked well and still do. Another one is Freedom Fighters and that game came out on...
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    Worst game PURCHASE you ever made.

    Two Worlds 2 ONLY BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A FUCKING WIDE SCREEN TV I CANT SEE HALF OF THE SHIT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. Sorry about that but youd think that in all of the reveiws that they wouldve said "Hey you need a wide screen tv to see all of the menus and assorted meters."
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    Poll: Deadliest Warrior, Crap and Poor-Taste?

    I like the show sure it is kinda retarded in that they dont test the tactics but I dont know of a better way to kill an hour on wensday night.