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    Aerannis Puts Stealth Action Gameplay in a Post-Feminist Dystopia

    this game looks like it'll be fun. it also looks like it'll be fun watching people who will never play it argue over its political ramifications.
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    Zimmerman wasn't Jewish at all. He was a Catholic altar boy.
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    Could You Date A Transexual?

    I did and i found <a href=>several examples of differences in brain structure between males and females. I also found <a href=>several studies that found more...
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    No More Torture for Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    Whether the use of torture was optional or not is irrelevant. The issue is propagating the lie that torture is effective and justifiable tactic.
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    Anti-Censorship Group Decries Arcade Machine Removals

    Wait what the hell??? Which rest stop on the Masspike had Time Crisis??? I've been to damn near every rest stop on that highway and most of them just have shitty Cabela hunting games.
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    Electronic Arts VP Says Sexism Complaints Are "Misguided"

    Discrimination does not require malicious intent.
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    Electronic Arts VP Says Sexism Complaints Are "Misguided"

    I'm not sure what any of that has to do with my argument, actually. Musclebound action heroes are appealing to men, the cultural ideal for men is to be the strongest and toughest. Sexy zombie torsos are also appealing to men, because men generally like violence and also titties. Women...
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    Electronic Arts VP Says Sexism Complaints Are "Misguided"

    i don't think we're disagreeing here actually. You're absolutely correct about individual writers, and whether or not a given writer can write a particular type of character convincingly isn't really a concern for me. but as you said, the entertainment industry, as a whole, is still shaped...
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    Electronic Arts VP Says Sexism Complaints Are "Misguided"

    How is a failure to portray women in ways that appeal to them anything but a problem of sexism? You have a point about writers, but women do have something of an advantage in writing realistic female characters (having lived as one) and they are also better situated to evaluate who is or...
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    Electronic Arts VP Says Sexism Complaints Are "Misguided"

    huh, i wonder why women are reluctant to identify as gamers. could it be something to dow tih widespread harassment and the game industry trying to sell them their own dismembered torsos?
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    Dragon Age Writer Calls BioWare Forums "Toxic"

    This is 100% true. And it more or less perfectly describes what's happened to The Escapist.
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    Residual VM Stable Release Brings Grim Fandango to Modern PCs

    This is the best news i've heard in months. Why is no one selling it to me?
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    I GOT TINNITUS! What terrifying illness do you have!

    pretty minor crohn's, only instead of going to the bathroom more often i only really go once or twice a week.
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    When there's a tragedy there's also "those people"

    except they aren't being honest. they're pretending not to care when really they're champing at the bit to demonstrate what a cold, emotionless badass they are. they're giddy about the opportunity to exploit a tragedy for their own self-aggrandizement at the expense of people who are capable...
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    Song Covers that are better then the original?

    not gonna comment on some of the earlier suggestions, but this one should be pretty uncontroversial.