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    The Escapist Radio Theater #4

    I accept that it's just a slang way of writing it. Like people got on me for writing "You know" like "yanno" in a MGDMT strip, but in my mind "yanno" has a different vocal implication than "you know" or "y'know". Same goes for "common", "c'mon" and "come on".
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    Critical Miss: #8

    Just playin' Devil's advocate here, it's not really free entertainment if the person is on a contract being paid to produce it. You might not personally be putting down cash for it, but somebody is. It's like saying people shouldn't be able to complain about shows they don't like because TV is...
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    The Escapist Radio Theater #1

    I was just wondering the same thing.
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    Male Protagonists

    I'm not sure what exactly the people asking "where does *character-I-Like* fit into what I am assuming is a black and white dichotomized system?" are expecting to hear. Either they're so dependent on the opinions of an internet personality that they're waiting for his permission to continue...
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    Webcomic Contest Winner "Critical Miss" Now Live

    You say that as though being a woman means you can't be a bad ************. I get where the guy is coming from, though. Issues with guys writing women don't necessarily mean overly sexualized characters, I see a lot of guys try to do "girl talk" type strips and they just feel... terribly...
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    Announcing The Sunday Funnies!

    Sincere thanks, bro. That means a lot to me coming from you.
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    Announcing The Sunday Funnies!

    Ahahaha I guess there's not really a way to say I'm kind of surprised Manly Guys didn't make it into this extended round of honourable mentions without sounding like I'm being conceited, but I really don't mean it like that. I think I might just have been letting all of the buzz people were...
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    Poll: Will you become a member of the Escapist Publishers Club?

    Man, sorry I'm so late to the party replying to this. Anyway, I think things turned out for the best on that front, I got my own site set up where I can dump my main comic as well as silly little things related to whatever I feel like making fun of that particular day whenever I want. Plus I...
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    Webcomic Contest Winner Announced and Gallery Is Live

    Ah, good stuff! I'm in the process of getting something running. My domain just activated and a pal on DA is helping me get the page together so hopefully in the near future will be ripe with comics for the picking. I've got another nine strips sketched up in...
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    God of War 3 Teases ... Something

    Arguing Greek myth is kind of like arguing X-Men history, with all the retcons and retellings. Sometimes Apollo and Helios are equated with each other and sometimes they aren't. Go ask a handful of random people what Apollo is the god of, because I'm sure some will say "the sun". I'm just saying...
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    God of War 3 Teases ... Something

    I'm quotin' wiki here so I know you gotta take this with a grain of salt, but I always grew up hearing Apollo's name associated with the sun. "In Hellenistic times, especially during the third century BCE, as Apollo Helios he became identified among Greeks with Helios, god of the sun, and his...
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    God of War 3 Teases ... Something

    I'm kinda going under the assumption that Apollo was Helios.
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    Webcomic Contest Winner Announced and Gallery Is Live

    Goddammit, I'm having real problems getting a domain/web hosting. No one will give me a website without a credit card, which my bank won't give me because they don't think I have enough money to survive. Tried going with GoDaddy, but I seem to have hit a snag in the "pay by cheque" process...
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    Webcomic Contest Winner Announced and Gallery Is Live

    Oh man, you have no idea how how happy I am to see somebody who isn't me draw Volt. And Even better that his face looks a little like the Jason Statham caricature in Crank 2. Now you've opened the gates for me to freely imagine some sort of Six-and-a-half foot Jason Statham-Billy Idol...
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    Webcomic Contest Winner Announced and Gallery Is Live

    Man, yours is freaking awesome. Thanks for all the kind words, folks! Here's another for people who said they wanted to see more, just wanted to get this done in time for the GoW III release.