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    The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

    Gatekeeper robot hand-lasering me into oblivion. Ah, EO3.
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    Sick of being the good guy! has it. Also, this will probably be one of the best RPGs you ever play.
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    Sick of being the good guy!

    Planescape: Torment. And if you have the heart to actually be consistently evil in that game, consider me duly terrified of you.
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    18 years old

    Happy birthday. As for me, I was working. In fact, that was around the midpoint in a roughly 70-hour day brought on by a little bit of insomnia at first, and a ridiculous workload for the rest. Seeing as no one remembered, I realized that I turned eighteen about a week after the fact.
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    Hindus Upset Over Asura's Wrath

    I'm particularly impressed by the implication that including Hinduism in games, regardless of the context, is actually perfectly fine as long as the details are preserved. While the industry needs to be a bit more careful in getting things right, I also wish we could see more people like this...
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    Hindus Upset Over Asura's Wrath

    While I'm still a bit baffled by the idea of anyone being offended by Asura's Wrath (I assumed they would all be too busy either laughing, giving the screen a dumbfounded stare or shouting), yes. Definitely yes. I mean, "who wants a free consultant?" is an amazing response. He's reacting to a...
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    Hindus Upset Over Asura's Wrath

    Bit silly to get upset about this... but on the other hand, they're also being fairly reasonable. Not too angry, not calling for a ban or boycott, and even offering help if they want to get the inaccuracies straightened out in the future, which is a nice offer. In fact, I wish more developers...
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    Which two gaming series would you like to see in a crossover 'fic?

    System Shock and Bejeweled. Touhou and Warhammer 40k. Legacy of Kain and Dance Dance Revolution. I possess questionable taste in crossovers.
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    Poll: God I miss Isometric

    Do give the Spiderweb games (Geneforge/Avernum) a try some time. They're rather excellent RPGs, especially Geneforge, and also all isometric. I think you might like them.
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    Steam coupons expiring soon. Post what you have to give away.

    50% AAAAAAAAAA, 50% Valve, 50% Valve, 25% Valve, 50% Sonic Generations. Oh, andd a copy of Terraria. Feel free to snap that up, I guess. Edit: Sonic Generations and Terraria claimed.
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    Frictional Confirms Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

    If you judge them by Dear Esther, no. On the other hand, everyone seems to be forgetting Korsakovia. Awful level design, brilliant writing, incredibly unsettling. Wake up, Christopher.
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    Poll: Which of these old school RPGs should I play?

    Planescape. Ten Planescape. Then Arcanum but please patch it first. In my opinion, the rest do not compare. BG is good and all, but there's a marked difference between "good" and "perhaps the best thing ever". Story-wise, at any rate. It's probably better than Planescape on combat, though of...
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    I'm Still Alive, and I Want You Gone.

    Just so you know, both songs were sung by Ellen McLain, and composed by Jonathan "Guy" Coulton.
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    Obscure and old games you'd like to see get an HD re-release

    Funny. I actually spotted the Japanese version (it exists, presumably dubbed, but I don't know) in a used game store and read the back of the box. This was... mid-2001, so a little after it was released. Really wanted it, then managed to buy it by winter. In hindsight, perhaps not the best...
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    Obscure and old games you'd like to see get an HD re-release

    Tony Jay makes up for it by upstaging everyone everywhere else. Though to be fair, Mike Shapiro (I may have got the name wrong - Charnel's voice actor, anyway) had fairly good voice acting too. Stratos is partly excellent because of the lines themselves, though. "Oh, let's be honest, now. In...