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    Spike Announces VGX Nominees

    Besides Pokemon (which I edit to add in IS up for best handheld game) most of those are niche handhelds. Did you really expect those games to take center stage in an internationally broadcast-ed awards show?
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    John McAfee's Death Disappoints John McAfee

    So, is he actually dead, or what? I cant understand this article, its like a riddle.
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    Nintendo Will "Never" Develop For Other Platforms, Says Iwata

    At this point it's better to leave Nintendo alone. There's no big to-die-for game from them right now, and they aren't ready to compromise with the Western Market. Oh sure, they'll be fine. Hope they enjoy dividing gaming's consumer base more efficiently then the PS4/XB1 race.
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    Madden 25 Scrubs Aaron Hernandez From Existence

    He's a Tight End, he CATCHES the ball, get it right before you start acting rude and disrespectful towards people with physical skills and talents.
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    Minecraft PC Tops 11 Million Sales

    No, a major part of Minecraft's popularity is due to it being a feel-good indie success story. Also it runs on what I assume is an easy-to-code system that is Java, which brings in the mods, which I'm assuming made it even a bigger draw to people. Which makes me wonder how many other games run...
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    Microsoft's Spencer Tweets Support For State of Decay On Xbox One

    Yes you misinterpreted "shot in the arm" think of it like a steroid shot in the arm rather then a gunshot. Anyway, it's odd to think that the best console exclusive xbox has right now is an MMO demo made by an indie team. Noy saying State of Decay is bad, but this shows how much the AAA...
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    UPDATE: Minecraft's Xbox One Incarnation Won't Transfer Saves

    No thats not an excuse thats even worse, by what your telling me, microsoft has got them by the balls and could squeeze if RT doesnt say mercy, in some ways its almost sad.
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    UPDATE: Minecraft's Xbox One Incarnation Won't Transfer Saves

    Yeah its aggravating to see Microsoft do everything wrong and still see people like RoosterTeeth not care.
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    University Study Shows Benefits of Teenage Gamers

    Although I'm glad games are getting positive press again, the last thing I want is for my college to be Gamified, "you wrote a 10 page essay, you earned 100XP" yeah, dont do that.
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    Sony Says PS4 is "First and Foremost" a Game Console

    Dont you just love console wars? We didnt get to see alot of it in the final years of the last generation, so it's good to see sony and microsoft have the us versus them ideology again. ROUND 3 DING DING DING!
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    Bioshock Writer Fed Up With Industry

    Im sorry if I didnt read the whole article, I couldnt get past the whole "Far Cry 2 is an example of good storytelling". No, it was not, in fact, it may be the worst story out of the far cry games. Putting it alongside Bioshock and TombRaider is a joke.
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    Watch Dogs Contest Invites Facebook Fans Into the Game

    I'd love to hack myself in a game. Okay, now to buy the game and search endlessly looking at all 5,000 NPCs until I find my name.
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    Electronic Arts Kills the Online Pass

    So uh, CAPCOM is the evil people now right? We internet people need someone to hate.
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    Anti-Game Critic Says "This Generation Will Give You Massacres"

    Aw look, A presumably PTSD soldier has exploited peoples fears and capitalized for his own gain. Besides that, theres nothing original about his statements, move along.
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    Expo Fighter Reimagines E3 As A Fighting Game

    Quick question, How many polygons does David Cage have?