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    Talking as a free action in table-top rules

    I've got be honest that seems rather...overzealous, and just springing it on your players out of the is completely unfair, tbh. I can totally get trying to pick up the pace in combat, and more often than not fights have slowed down my sessions much more than I'd like, but in my player group I've...
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    Gallery: Here's Your Live-Action Attack On Titan Movie Cast

    This looks...interesting. I'm not going to make any judgements based on just these shots, but I am a little disappointed that they're going for a more modern look rather than the high-tech Medieval look of the origianl, which I really like. Still, it's good that we've got crazy Titan...
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    International Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Goes For Drama

    As a UK-er, I'll admit that while I may have missed some of the references from the first trailers, they were way, way more unique and fun to watch than this one. This one was basically 'generic epic sci-fi trailer number ten jillionty five' with a few comedy moments. The others were much more...
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    Things that make you ask "What where they thinking?"

    I'm not part of legion of people who greeted ME3's ending with a great wailing and gnashing of the teeth, but even so I find it hard to comprehend how that went through the process of writing, animation and voice-acting with the conclusion of everyone (or at least a notable majority) at Bioware...
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    Poll: Vanguard or Infiltrator? Mass Effect Series Run

    In ME1, I'd say Infiltrator, simply because Vanguards are kind of squishy and don't have that many perks, while sniper rifles can be immensely useful. Once the Vanguard gets their absolutely spectacular biotic charge in ME2, though I'd say Vanguard all the way; the tactical cloak is fun, but...
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    Poll: Pacific Rim - Your favourite Jaeger

    Cherno Alpha, definitely; that thing managed to look both absolutely badass and probably as 'realistic' as a Jaeger possibly could. An honourable mention goes to Tacit Ronin, which was shown for a second in little introductory bit. It's one fine-looking killer of Kaiju. That gif is the...
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    On Cowboys

    Why do I have the feeling that 'the bit where they start making out' was a contribution from Scary Penny? I miss Scary Penny... :(
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    Loadout Review - Gun Porn

    This look pretty fun, actually, and I'm going to go check it out; I've been looking for a new multiplayer game to play whilst completely bankrupt and this looks like it fits the bill perfectly. Glad I saw this! Captcha: red white and blue. And God save the Queen!
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    Would you like a proper game of thrones game?

    Those are all good points that would make a GoT set in the current timeline problematic, but I could see those being circumvented quite neatly by perhaps setting the game a few hundred years before the events in ASOIAF, when dragons were still kicking about and magic was more prevalent (I think...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Audiobook Being Narrated by Ice-T

    I don't normally have much interest in either audiobooks or tie-in novels, but I think that, just once, I'm going to have to make an exception.
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    How OCD are you about your character's appearance?

    Most of the time I'm pretty chilled; I flick around with hairstyles and sliders etc. until I find something that looks good and then just go with it. The only exception tot his was Saint's Row IV, where I put a lot of time and effort into making the Boss look like a Jonny Rotten-eque punk, but I...
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    BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Will Take 5-6 Hours to Complete

    Okay, I guess. I suppose I'm not necessarily averse to short DLC-expansions so long as the price reflects it, so if it isn't that expensive (and I'm worried it's going to cost the same as Episode 1, which was way overpriced) then I guess that isn't too much a problem. Still wish it was a bit...
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    Raptor-Riding Commander Shepard Graces Old Spice Ad

    I have the feeling that the advert may have taken some inspiration from Critical Miss []. And now that advertisement is going to be haunting my dreams. Haunting them in the best possible way.
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    Last Japanese Soldier To Surrender Dies At 91

    On one hand, I can't really praise him killing 30 people in what is, in those circumstances, tantamount to an act of murder. On the other, I can't help but admire the sheer level of insane dedication that that would take.
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    Plastic Surgery for Barbie App Removed After Outrage Over Sexism

    While a 'Surgeon Simulator: Plastic Surgery Edition' sort of thing could potentially be interesting, the app here is just plain messed up. And that description; "Barbara's fat! Isn't she awful and inhuman for it?" is just plain messed up. And it's targeted at children?! Normally I find the...