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    RUN AWAY! How Do You Escape Online Discussions?

    I leave the site forever. With the exception of right now. I think there's a flaw in my plan somewhere.
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    The Escapist Community is a tad too toxic

    Is she still relevant?! Oh dear Gott in Himmel.
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    The Escapist Community is a tad too toxic

    I'll always remember the classic "Should women be allowed to get breast implants?" We need to protect them from their vain selves. XD
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    The Escapist Community is a tad too toxic

    How about assymetrical? Atypical? Asexual? Amoral?
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    Harem Anime

    I wish otakus would pay my bills.
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    Harem Anime

    My favourite is the one with the girls with the preposterously large tits. Oh, wait...
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    What is the Escapist Community Proud of Lately?

    That's so cool, congratulations!
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    Anyone feel like forum activity really slowed down?

    Yes. Everyone needs more Baffle in their lives.
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    What do you do for work?

    I'm an Archivist/Records Manager. It's what I studied for in university so I'm enjoying it. :3
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    Poll: Cooking

    I can cook a few things pretty well. Most commonly, I make stir-fries, curries (I make a mean Thai Red Curry) and chilli for myself. I can make a good roast but most of the time I'm only cooking for one, so I rarely get the opportunity. My roster also includes lasagne, bolognese...
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    Baby Names.

    Always. :3 That's why my hair's so big, it's full of secrets!
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    I don't know why everyone's being so agro, Misandry is one of my favourite secondary Game of Thrones characters.
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    If trapped in absolute poverty, would you turn to crime?

    It's difficult to say when I've never been in a situation like that but I think it's likely that I would. I don't think I'd be somehow morally superior than those who turn to crime under those circumstances. If I didn't turn to it out of necessity, I probably would due to peer pressure or...
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    Fighting games with good single player?

    I really enjoyed the Tower of Lost Souls in Soul Calibur IV. Yun-Seong is my boy. It's just a shame that most of my achievements for that game are on someone else's profile. :(
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    Some men perpetuate unhealthy and harmful gender stereotypes for men, some women perpetuate unhealthy and harmful gender stereotypes for women. The opposite is also true. People also like to lay blame at a door that isn't their own. Basically, we're all just awful.