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    No One Lives Forever! The Revival

    Thanks for this. I really wanted to play NolF2 when I was a kid but was never able to do so. Now I finally can check it out
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    Kojima announced Death Stranding release date with an 8 minute trailer

    Well that was certainly something. Even if the game ends up not being great I am glad it exists. In a world where devs and publishers are playing it as safe as possible, it?s nice to see Kojima just going nuts with a new IP that looks unique and is weird as hell. That in itself is worth being...
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    Welp ProJared's career on the internet is now forever destroyed.

    I won?t call it dead until he releases new content and we see how well it does. He?s lost nearly 200,000 subscribers and will likely never get any sort of professional collaboration or sponsorships again but if his YouTube and Twitch views hold up he could still be okay, as he still has over...
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    Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer dropped.

    I went it expecting the worst and it delivered less. Sonic looks so weird. Why did they make this live action instead of animated? Trying to appeal to that adult market that will avoid this like the plague? My god. The only thing I vaguely enjoyed was seeing that they make Jim Carrey look like...
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    MK11 launch trailer: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

    That trailer was hype as fuck and I cannot wait to play it Monday night. I'm no good at fighting games but I've played MK since the first one came out on the Genesis and this trailer pushed all my buttons. Looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun with a ton of fan service.
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    Titanfall is the latest succumber to the Battle Royale

    Caustic is insane on a team with Bloodhound. His ultimate covers a big area, stops sprinting and messes up vision. If he gets a good ultimate off on a squad and Bloodhunter uses her ultimate, it?s almost a guaranteed wipe. It?s almost unfair. I?ve also seen it combined with Bandalore to blanket...
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    Titanfall is the latest succumber to the Battle Royale

    I?m going to echo what others have said about Lifeline. Her skills are useful early on when things are slower, saving you on precious health kits and giving and early boost on stronger defense items. But she can?t do anything to swing a fight, and when things get hairy and you don?t stay put...
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    Titanfall is the latest succumber to the Battle Royale

    The game so far is a lot of fun. I?ve never been a fan of BR games but the squad gameplay, abilities and smooth gunplay make this a lot of fun. I really look forward to more of this and hope it doesn?t get crowded out by Anthem and other big releases
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    Wibbly-Wobbly, Speedy-Weedy (Plot Contrivnces and You)

    The thing that bugged me most in The Flash was when regular people could just run away on foot. You know the deal. He has the villain, stands a small distance away talking, villlain does dastardly thing to distract the hero for a few seconds or knock down the hero, villain gets away. This works...
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    Missing part of a game, major mechanics, etc (IGN RE2 review related)

    In the case of IGN?s review, having completed Claire A I really don?t see how this is a mistake they could have made. When you beat the game, you get a pop up telling you ?hey you can do a 2nd run from the alternative viewpoint from the Story menu.? Then when you click Story, you see in the...
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    EA on women in Battlefield V; "If you don't like it, don't buy it"

    I?m glad they are sticking to their guns and not trying to find an apologetic middle ground. The outcry over this was absolutely absurd and deserves to be treated as such
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    Microsoft E3 conference was great!

    So how many exclusives did they actually show? The only new ones were Halo Infinite, Forza, and Gears 5 from what I can tell. Not much to hype up a system. Yeah, they showed some awesome looking games but those are not exclusives and don't earn them any points. So weak showing to me
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    Dark Souls Remastered is Insulting

    No they didn't do anything with that. The overall game has changed very little outside of a few very small tweaks, like adding a bonfire by Vamos the Blacksmith. The game is just the small tweaks and a very minor visual upgrade that isn't on par with that the current PC version can do. It's...
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    And this is why Animation is superior to Live Action. (New Images of Live Action Teen Titans show)

    While I admit that the on set photo of Starfire is dreadful, it?s just that. An on set photo. Can we at least wait until we see the characters in action before dropping judgement?
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    So the recent controversy about Channel Awesome mismanagement

    According to what producers are saying on Twitter, almost nobody was aware of what was going on with JewWario. It was a select few of them, the executives of CA, and a few other random people. And those who did know didn't come forward because the victim, "Jane Doe", didn't want them to. You...