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    Poll: Flat pop

    Ha, I read that as "flat poop". OT, I'm not a fan of flat soda, takes away a lot of the flavor.
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    Cartoons you used to watch that no one else knew of.

    Megas XLR. All of your arguments are now invalid.
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    I need a bad ass hobby.

    It's pretty suprising he stays in the air that long, you'd think that massive balls like that would weigh you down.
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    Name your shotgun.

    The 870 MCS from BF3 has been aptly named "The knee capper" because headshots are for pussys.
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    Well, the MAD guys are master trolls.(meme related)

    It sure is newfriend in here.
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    Sayings that make your spine tingle.

    "A man choses; a slave obeys." -Andrew Ryan
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    You have to get a game related tatoo...

    Jacks chains from Bioshock.
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    The single greatest piece of video game music

    Halo has the most epic music of any game of all time.
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    Cartoon that was canceled you wish hadn't been.

    Megas XLR deserved so much more.
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    The last weapon you used shall now be used to perform your colonoscopy

    Fuck, M2 Carl Gustav is goin' up my ass.
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    every one had the same dream you had last night...

    Free porn for everyone!
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    Time you rooted for the antagonist

    Andrew Ryan from Bioshock. I felt kinda bad killing him. So agreeable...
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    If your genitals was a game...

    System Shock. /thread
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    Not-so cleverbot...

    This man speaks the truth. I got it to sing the entire song.