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    Have you ever played through a game and completely missed a game play feature?

    Yup. A friend of mine who has nearly completed the game didn't know about that feature and I learned it within my first 5hrs of game play.
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    lollipop Chainsaw is a terrible idea.

    Umm...where were you when Bayonetta came out? That game and many others are Lollipop Chainsaws predecessors. They didn't hinder the gaming medium. And you say that LC is every 14yr old boys fantasy. Let's increase the age range from 13 to at least 35, I think. Hot chick in a schoolgirl outfit...
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    Poll: Will you upgrade immediatly?

    I think I'll wait for 1. Price to drop (God kows the prices will be outrageous) 2. For all companies to fix any flaws or make any changes that need to be made. 3. For the next Gen to build a decent library. 4. For my friends to any of the consoles so I can try them out before buying any of them.
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    Poll: Favorite Pixar movie

    So hard to choose a favorite. I can tell you that Cars and Nemo are at the bottom of my list. Not saying they're bad in any way, they're just the Pixar films I like the least.
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    First New Game of 2012?

    I'm going with Kingdom of Amalur.
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    Final Fantasy - recommendation?

    Play FF1-9 while skipping over 8. 8 wasn't bad mind you. I just don't think it should've been a Final Fantasy title.
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    What is Your Favourite Sound Effect From Any Game?

    Grunt Birthday from HALO and Victory music from Final Fantasy.
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    Mists of Pandaria is the next WoW expansion. do we bring in more players and dig another hook into themouths of our younger audience? By George I think I've got it. We will allow players to create their own Kung-Fu Panda!!!
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    Sony Announces DLC Season Pass for Uncharted 3

    Sweet. I spend a good amount of time on Uncharted multiplayer. Sounds like a good deal to me.
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    How would you survive a horror movie?

    Ummm...I would move out of state. End movie.
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    Poll: Favorite Zelda Game

    I would have to go with A Link to the Past.
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    Poll: You walk down the street and meet George Lucas...

    I would either punch him on the man uterus. Or, Invite him onto the nearest porch or stoop that has at least 5 stairs. Then I would punch him in the balls, pants him, and push him back down the stairs. When he screams in pain "WHY?" I'll say "You know why." Then I'll walk away.
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    Can there be a gay character in a children's show?

    Have you seen Kick Buttowski? His neighbor is all sorts of gay. The character doesn't ruin the show at all
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    Porn Stars Start Topless Gaming Site

    Why not, they have naked news and naked weather and naked daily jokes etc. Why the hell not take two of peoples favorite things and combine them.
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    Phrases That Make You "Cringe"

    Lately, it has been anything movie bob says with his boston accent. Ugh. OT: "I trust my (bf or gf) I just don't trust the person they are hanging out with."