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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 27

    Hey, Long time listener second time poster. I've been keeping up with media sandwich for almost as long as its been running now. To be honest I wavered a little at the start but putting faces to names with 'No Right Answer' really helped define yourselves personally. To me at least the main...
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    Your (underrated) GotY 2012

    Dragon's Dogma Did you really expect me to say anything else. Flawed like all hell but absolutely amazing. Great combat and story, with a few twists and variations in both to keep them fresh. Easily Top 10 ever played and top 5 of rpgs Keen for the sequel.
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    Game(s) of the Year 2012?

    I'd say either Dragons Dogma or X com If I had to pick it'd be dogma because it was a sleeper (hit?) title that just came off as genuine (albeit lacking polish) as well as having quite the daring ending (I can't recall another that has done it) Also it was insanely fun to play with a good...
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    The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

    And things got weirder. Usually he would have been surprised but with his newly detoxed body and uncanny welcome back to the land of the conscious he couldn't shake the feeling that it was all some kind of extended dream. Honestly that was probably the surest sign of sanity he had left, maybe...
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    If The Escapist Was a High School...

    I guess I'd try get in with the music crowd. Otherwise do exactly what I did in real high school and float on through coasting on Bs that could be As and staying out of the more invested social politics.
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    Fictional characters you dislike that others like.

    Rachel Green. (sit-com fans start your engines) To save myself from a rant 'n' rave I'll simply say even at her simplest character interactions she remains one of the most hypocritical and selfish characters a show has ever had the gall to give the moral high ground to on almost every occasion.
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    XCOM: Eternal Service

    This was great I laughed quite heartily
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    Artists worst album.

    Gorillaz the fall. Oh sure I love it now but who started listening to 'Speak it Mountain' for the first time and was like yeah that's definitely what I wanted/expected.
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    The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

    Staring back in a daze of his own Sully considered the scratched metallic bulk beside him. Having no idea how to deal with robots but remembering something 'Tom of the West' had mentioned he turned toward it hand extended. "Urh? Hey! Name's Sully nice to meet you?" he ventured awkwardly staring...
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    No Right Answer: Best X-Men Member Ever

    My man. Finally someone with excellent taste. Has someone perhaps been lurking 'Scott was Right' threads eh? X gon give it to ya
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    Free Steam copy of The Ship

    Sounds fun
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    The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

    'Huh?' The power Armour he'd left on the floor by the rubble started growing a body. The large death claw that he'd been appraising for new weaponry began dissolving. Things were not right. He stumbled along obediently though no longer wary of DeathClaws. No No, they weren't around right...
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    Hall of shame: admit which games you are terrible at .

    I blow chunks at League and Guild Wars 2. Other than that I'm pretty good at whatever I play other than large strategy games. I'm usually within top 3 of any shooter match I'm in and very rarely have trouble in an rpg other than Dragon Age. That could be due to how much effort (I assume) it...
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    Great Bassist's.

    I know people have mentioned Wooten but for anyone reading who hadn't heard him The dual layer parts where he plays the bass line and rhythm absolutely blow my mind.
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    What's the game with the most potential for a good movie?

    Damn it Jack ninja'd on the first response. Fallout is perfect for a movie. In fact it more or less has movies already in my eyes. The studio loved to take inspiration and make references to all their favorite post apoc flicks. I see people quoting Nuka Break but if you really want a...