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    Scenes better than the movie they were in

    The opening of saving private ryan - the rest of the film (after Omaha beach) is mediocre at best.
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    Your favourite RPG class

    D&D 3.5 Psion I think, I like all the Weird and creative things you can do with that class, great fun in a tabletop game. :)
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    The best day of your life so far.

    Yeah building robots is so rewarding.
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    Job hunting: Did this just happen?!

    that can happen.
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    Games That Have Aged Well (For You)

    Just as good and just as pretty as the day they came out.
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    Top Five Favourite Movies

    1.Alien 2.Empire strikes back 3.Das Boot.(long version) 4.Blade Runner 5.Seven
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    So I made a #GamerGate video...

    Well you used Pink Floyd music.. that's just asking for a Copyright notice.
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    Fun ways to screw with Telephone sales people Still my favorite.
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    Sex scenes that actually add to the work

    Only films that comes to mind is - In the name of the rose and requiem for a dream.
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    Jimquisition: The Poison of Pre-Order Culture

    Never preorder anything but i do think people are complaining about the wrong company here - It's more than likely this preorder nonesense is NOT the making of the developers, More likely SEGA and their marketing department.
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    Worst examples of blatant fanservice

    Mass Effect 2 = hey lets forget about everything and make a game about companions because you liked them in ME 1 right!?
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    Severely Mis-named Movies

    Star Wars. No fucking stars went to war in that movie! :(
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    What is the dumbest case of fandom infighting you have ever seen?

    Technology : Star Wars Vs. Star trek - those dabates always ends in tears'n'rage.
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    Favourite Voice of All Time

    Grey DeLisle - nobody does sultry like Grey.
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    Mass Effect 2: What's the big deal?

    In my opinion ME 2 is an almost complete devolution of ME 1, The plot is told backwards like why do Shep have to find a team of ground fighting specialist? - Because in the last stage of the game Shep and Co does a lot of ground fighting duh! - Even though nobody could actually know that at the...