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    Can you beat him? Akinator Web game

    Sucker couldn't guess Tom Nook
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    Poll: Do you use your console for things other than gaming?

    I use my Wii as a platter to bake nachos on~
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    Time; do you believe in it?

    I agree, I find that nothing can exist except for what's in the present moment.
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    What's your controversial opinion?

    Does using the cyanide pill that's issued to every soldier in order to keep enemies from torturing the battle plans out of them make them giant fucking pussies?
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    What's your controversial opinion?

    I have zero qualms about adultery, humans are naturally polygamous so there's no need to suppress that.
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    D&D 3.5 vs 4.0

    4th edition is a stable, sterile system with equality amongst classes, but there's seams in the game, walls that seem quite tangible to 3.5 players. 3.5 has balance issues but you can do hilarious things with it like enchanting a battering ram so you can ride it through the air at 18m/s, but...
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    Re-Imagine a Game

    Street Fighter 4 as a visual novel/dating sim. I am now unable to remove the image of a tsundere Zangief from my head.
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    Favorite Smash Bros. Character?

    Sheik. She does exactly what I want her to do in any situation. The controls are so intuitive that I forget I'm holding a controller.
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    Which alignment do you enjoy playing the most in RPGs?

    Chaotic good. I have morals, but they don't usually align with the laws of the land.
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    What is the most irritating ending?

    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. The twist at the end is that everything you have done has been a complete waste of time.
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    What would you do if you couldn't delete history

    Use 2 different browsers. One for everything, another for everything else~
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 5: Tale of a Dungeon Master

    This was awesome! I love this new direction!
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    Best game nobody ever played

    Aquaria. It's a better metroidvania than Metroid or Castlevania and it was made by two guys and a voice actor.
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    Create your own alignment!

    Chaotic good seemed like the Robin Hood alignment to me. Serving the people without regard to what the lawmakers have said. Bad-curious is a sadist who for some reason has sided with the "heroes".
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    Create your own alignment!

    Bad-curious: you play for the good guys but you pour molten lead on the orcs and eat/collect and trade their souls for devil magic.