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    265: Punching the Baby Seal of PC Gaming

    The exact same thing happened to me with fallout 3. Except i got it on PC because my xbox kept chewing the game-disk. It's amazing how angry constant freezing can get you.
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    Labour MP Wants Clearer Labels on Games

    He was a minister, i did not know this. What was he a minister for? I mostly know him for his constant stream of inflammatory bullshit.
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    Labour MP Wants Clearer Labels on Games

    he's a backbench MP from the opposition party, i have more power to change things than him.
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    Game Retailers Forced to Swallow UK Tax Hike

    wait, isn't this VAT rise effecting every retailer selling pretty much everything except for childrens clothes which are exempt.
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    Poll: A Sith Reviews: The Godfather 2

    this game was a great concept but was let down by the story and the scope, the story is just so out of touch with the action and as well as that is ridiculous. All the city's are tiny, the problem with the first one was that all the building you had to take we're the same. the problem with this...
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    A Sith Reviews: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

    I fully agree with this, the first one was one of my all time favourite games. The second one got all cartoony with the story and swapped the grim north Korea for the bright and colourful Venezuela which both combined took all the fun out of the mayhem for me. And the Deck, how i loved hunting...
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    UK Elections - The results and musings.

    i'm sad that Zac Goldsmith (Tory) won in my constituency but sad that the Tories didn't get a majority because that's seriously bad for business. I am also sad that (even though they thankfully didn't get a seat) the BNP got 1.9% of the vote. 1 in 50 of the British people are officially cunts.
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    Why do people say that the British didn't do a thing in WW2?

    But Britain wasn't invaded because the Luftwaffe didn't achieve air superiority, so they couldn't attack the royal navy, so they couldn't invade because the troop ships would've been blown out of the water. So its not a case of didn't invade more couldn't invade because e halted their first...
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    Classic/Older Games you are currently playing.

    Dungeon keeper 2. just found the CD, such a classic. Such a shame the third wasn't made.
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    Escape to the Movies: Clash of the Titans

    I work at a cinema and saw a staff screening of this last night, I thought it was terrible, i wouldn't of been surprised if the manager had come out and said 'April fool'. the only enjoyment i got, as all British people will, was the city of Argos unfortunately sharing its name with a...
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    Nintendo "Frustrated" By Chinatown Wars Sales

    So does this news story count as part of the new ways to expose it campaign? Smooth moves Mr nintendo, smooth moves.
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    Poll: WWO2 shooters

    WWO2? yeah world war 2 shooters are a bit overdone. But to be honest what other wars could you replace the ease of setting you get. You don't need to explain world war 2. Its here is some Nazis, shoot them. You have to do a bit more work with the Vietnam war, justifying the slaughter. Theres...
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    Riddle Me This

    And it is most delightfully mocked a book by Terry Prachett; Pyramids, no?
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    Shakespeare Help Please

    Basically she has been taking the piss, abusing his help, to the point that he won't stand it any more. He wont take it anymore. Not even a stone(the block) could of endured her misuse. But yeah, at all time shakespeare is making double entendre so there pobably as well. OH and finally do...
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    Worst Military Loss in History

    Come on. Its not quite the same, the irish war of independance came after the first world war and was met by apathy on the part of the British public. You might as well list every country that was ever in the british empire(or any empire really) as winning their indepedence through 'sheer bloody...