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    Skyrim Total Conversion Mod Enderal Launching in July

    It looks interesting, and the fact that you don't need any of the skyrim dlc's to make it work is a big plus. I'll probably give this a chance when it is released.
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    Poll: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Should I?

    JoJo is a show that I was apprehensive to watch at first, gave up watching after a few episodes second, and finally got over the few things I found annoying (characters will describe in detail actions and events that just happened) and am now fully on board with the show. I think it is pretty...
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    The Unofficial Friendly Steam Trading Thread

    This isn't a steam code but I have no idea where else to put this so here's a closed beta key for Dreadnought: P3Uv-XmTq-Up
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    Blizzard Responds to Nostalrius Server Closure Complaints

    I feel as though the profits could outweigh the hassle of setting these legacy servers up, I mean when they launched the official everquest legacy servers they saw a boom of re-subs.
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    There's a Dark Souls Board Game Coming to Kickstarter

    You know if they wanted to make a board game where the players lose their will to live through a grueling play session, all they needed to do was debut a Dark Souls reskin of Monopoly.
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    If you could experience one game for the first time again, which would it be?

    For me it would have to be undertale. The reason why is when I first heard of the game my opinion was pretty much "eh, some retro nostalgia laden rpg that I would never finish." So I ignored it at first, but then I started to hear people I trust on game recommendations praise it, so I became...
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    Blizzard to Remove "Sexy" Tracer Pose in Overwatch - Update

    from the looks of these photos in this spoiler tag it appears to be a generic stance.
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    Peter Capaldi May Leave Doctor Who After Tenth Series

    It sucks that Capaldi might be leaving since the last two seasons feel like they were over very quickly that I never felt like we got to know the 12th doctor as much. I don't think it helped that in my opinion he was saddled with possibly the most insufferable companion, for the past 2 seasons...
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    Guillermo Del Toro to Bring "Scary Stories" to the Big Screen

    For me it was 70% illustrations and 30% story that scared me when reading these books, right now thinking back the only story I can slightly remember was the one about a wendigo I think.
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    Consortium Is Free For The Weekend In This Timeline

    Uh, thanks for saying the game is free and then spoiling a large part of the game, I guess?
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    A "Game of the Year" Award Is a Bad Idea

    This is pretty much the answer you are going to get. GOTY awards all boil down to "what I liked most this year" none serve to objectively chose the best out of everything, because people can't be objective when it comes to things they enjoy or dislike. The only value in GOTY lists in my...
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    Why i'm skipping out on overwatch.

    Undertale is TB's game of the year, overwatch being included on the list was part of an injoke for choosing undertale as his number 1. That isn't to say that he didn't enjoy it though, I think he's gone on record saying it's the best multiplayer fps he's played all year.
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    Geek Remix: Undyne the Undying an Undertale Theory

    Take this post as friendly counter points rather than a "no ur wrong!" post, I like fan theories and would just like to offer some of my own. It kinda falls apart when you take into account that the 'determination" alphys injecting into her test subjects was extracted from the human souls...
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    Undertale, An Analysis. [Spoilers]

    If you play the game pacifist the first time through you don't have to play the whole game over, you would only have to do that if you killed something then tried to be pacifist. If you play it pacifist all the way through on the first go all you are told to do is reload your save and go speak...
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    Games about London, England

    I came into this thread to recommend this exact game. If any game has horror, mysticism, and atmosphere it is Fallen London, just don't let your nightmares get to 8 you wouldn't like what happens when it does.