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    Pre-order Sniper Elite V2 to Kill Hitler

    Wolfenstein let you kill Hitler BEFORE it was cool
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    Your Favorite President

    James Buchanan Rutherford Hayes William Henry Harrison Benjamin Harrison All god among men
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    Recommend me some Lovecraft?

    I enjoyed Herbert West - Reanimator. It was only like 20 pages in my edition, so its not too long of a read.
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    American Civil War FPS Concept

    You can zoom into 1st person mode on that game, but you can't control the individual unit itself.
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    American Civil War FPS Concept

    The concept is just made difficult by the terrain, since most battles were fought outside of urban areas, and the weapons available. Sure, some soldiers had repeating rifles at that point, but most were equipped with inaccurate single shot weapons. It would probably be more fun to be a...
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    American Civil War FPS Concept

    So you basically want a game where you have a gun but don't really use it because "Combat would be first charging into battle. This would be melee oriented." Hell just skip the middle man and make a medieval FPS. At least you get more choice other than a bayonet and a saber. Btw, bayonets...
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    Yes I smoke.. So I'm the devil now?

    Just smoke cigars, then people will think you're an elitist asshole and won't be able to look down on you
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    You are now the leader of North Korea.

    Somehow make sure that I don't get taken out of power while democratizing the country, giving up nukes, and engaging the south. I guess unification would be the end game. Please give us money, rich southern brothers! Also, don't even bother looking at the differences between east and west...
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    You have the power to bring back one cancelled TV show...

    Bring back Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister! Unfortunately that really seems impossible without Nigel Hawthorne and Paul Eddington, aka Sir Humphrey and Jim Hacker
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    Dead bodies in the closet...?

    Hail Sithis? He belongs to the Dread Father now.
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    Poll: What is your favorite soda?

    Pretty much this, except replace chocolates with Pepsi
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    Postal 3 is Coming For Christmas

    I can honestly say I got much more enjoyment from Postal 2 than Portal 1/2. Looking forward to seeing what RWS thought up for this one.
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    Poll: Minimum page count for school work.

    Minimum page counts exist because its much harder to get your point across concisely. Anyone who has had to slim down an essay knows it much more difficult than writing more.
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    WARNING! this is a real threat to basic human freedoms!

    Wouldn't be the first time the writ of habeas corpus was suspended. Anyway, it won't be signed into law. /thread
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    You must now live off the last food and drink you consumed!

    Cranberries and club soda. I can live with it, at least until I start needing protein.