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    Poll: Have ponies changed your life?

    They've changed my life in that I have a couple of Mcdonald's happy meal toys sitting on my printer now instead of (or sometimes in addition to) dirty dishes.
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    You get to remove one word from the English language

    Chill. At the very least, I'd like to remove any use of it as an adjective.
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    Anonymous Threatens Internet With "Operation Blackout"

    "Hey guys, you know how we can protest sopa? Let's shut down the whole internet! That'll get the public on our side for sure."
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    Are there any good western films?

    Shane The Magnificent Seven Hang 'em High Pale Rider Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid that's all I can think of that i've seen.
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    How do you masticate?

    Slowly, thouroughly, and with my mouth. That way I enjoy it as much as I can.
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    Favourite Team Fortress 2 tactics?

    Connivers' kunai everyone I see, dead ringer, run back behind the enemy, repeat.
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    Most memorable opening line in a game

    "I know a lot of gamers out there don't have much patience. Least that's what Bishop, the dude at the video store said." from No More heroes, easily the best Wii game there is, in my opinion
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    Rememberance Day soundtrack

    Here's a couple of good songs by Mark Knopfler Also, this one is great.
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    Creepy Rollercoaster Will Kill You with Euphoria

    This is the most terrible idea I have ever seen. I mean come on, it would be way cheaper to just supercharge one of those UFO centrifuge rides, and it would have the same effect.
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    Your Name as an Anagram?

    insolent captor. awesome.
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    Skyrim Character Plans?

    assasin-mage character. Probably a breton, since they're good with magic.
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    Notch Challenges Bethesda to Lawsuit Deathmatch

    Honestly, I think this could really happen. Something like this would be great publicity for both of them, and would draw a lot of attention to both Scrolls and Skyrim, and that's probably why Notch is doing it in the first place. Then again, lawyers.
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    Your Team Fortress 2 Loadout?

    Scout: Soda Popper, Winger, Boston basher. Soldier: Black Box, Buff Banner, Equalizer. Pyro: Degreaser, Shotgun, Axtinguisher (Alt: backburner, Shotgun, homewrecker). Demo: Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb Launcher, Ulapool Caber. Heavy: Minigun, Sandvich, Fists. Engineer: Shotgun, Pistol, Jag...
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    You know Video Games have ruined you when...

    You get mad at your boss for all these stupid fetch-quests.
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    (For LoL players) Favourite champion?

    Caitlyn, Veigar, and Leona. It's good to have a champ for every team.