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    4 Reasons Why The Mass Effect 3 Debate Refuses to Die

    You make some good points, Shamus. Far better than Jim Sterling ragging on straw men. But I think the main reason is that Mass Effect 3 simply was not a good game, whatsoever. Mass Effect 2 did streamline a lot of elements, but it still felt like it belonged in the same franchise as the first...
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    25 Top RPGs of the Last Five Years

    PC Gamer's top 25 looks so much better than this. Severely underrating modern classics like Alpha Protocol, Fallout New Vegas, Path of Exile, while overrating factory-made "AAA" games like Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur, and Dragon Age 2. Did Jim Sterling make this list or something?
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    ME3 and Auteur Theory

    The problem is that the other 99% of Mass Effect 3 was factory-assembled by EA, so it's disingenuous for the Bioware writers to cry out "auteur" when it's a clear case of them having to rush out an ending to beat a deadline. While I do appreciate fiction in the hands of an auteur, there are very...
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    Uncharted Film Hits Theaters Coming in 2016

    Sounds like it'll be a cheap cash in to wring money from the hands of people who thought Uncharted was anything more than a glorified YouTube video.
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    Jimquisition: The Xbox One: A Lying Failure Machine

    This video makes me sad. I remember back around 2008-2010, when The Escapist had truly interesting content. They had some great writers and editors (Russ Pitts, Susan Arendt), and some great (and regular) weekly columns from people who actually understand the gaming industry, like Shamus Young...
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    Transistor Review - Red Red Fine

    Ugh, I know Jim Sterling brings in a lot of Mountain Dew ad revenue, but can we get a more competent writer? Preferably someone who doesn't come out with such a shallow reading, and bashed Bastion for not being a AAA zombie QTE game?
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    GOG Launches Atari Sale as Developer's IPs Near Auction

    Even if they're taken off the GOG market, GOG still has to host the games for download, right?
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    Obsidian Scrapped a Sci-Fi Skyrim

    Glitches are usually the fault of the publisher, rather than the developer.
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    Metal Gear Solid V Goes Mature In New Red Band Trailer

    Kiefer Sutherland is definitely an improvement over Hayter. Yes, Hayter is "iconic" and all, since he voiced Solid Snake on the PS1, but he has no range to his voice. His one-note gruff really hurt some of the more recent MGS games. Sutherland is a far more accomplish and capable actor. His...
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    Double Fine Turns To Kickstarter To Fund Massive Chalice

    Also, this is a different team working on this game.
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    Xbox? Done.

    For all the outrage on Xbox One games being "services, not products", there is very little when it comes to Steam, a retailer that has been selling "services" that exist only at the whim of a single company for the past few years. Most will say that the reason Steam gets very little backlash is...
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    Violent Videogames are Awesome

    This was perfect. Too bad it's more than 140 characters.