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    Which superhero movie next?

    Booster Gold and The Question.
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    the best fps games ever!

    This. No other FPS (that I've played) can simulate massive combat like Battlefield. I also have to second Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect. They're more fast paced, arcade style shooters. My friends and I would seriously play those games all night. Well worth picking up, especially on the...
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    Why is LOZ OOT more memorable than LOZ TP

    Since most of the current most desirable demographic in gaming grew up playing it. That said, however, TP had a much better design concept than OOT, as far as appearance was concerned. However, it did not tell as strong of a story, since elements that were used absolutely perfectly in OOT...
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    Would you like to see iPhone and tablet games improve to console standards?

    That would be really nice. However, I honestly do not feel like touch screens lend themselves to a precise enough degree of control which console gaming would require. It works just fine for Angry Birds, but every other game I have played that was not originally conceived for the iPhone/iPad...
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    you are living in the last game you played?Are you gonna be ok??

    Team Fortress 2. I'll be okay as long as I had a Medibeam on me. But I would rather not deal with the Medic. Dude is way sketchy.
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    Team Fortress 2 Goes Free-to-Play, Meets the Medic

    This actually reinvigorated my interest in TF2. I hadn't played for months! I'm waiting for it to finish installing too. Meet the Medic was pretty great too, and totally reiterated why the Medic is my favorite class! Although I feel like we've pretty thoroughly met the Medic by this point...
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    What lucky video game adaptation would you like Uwe Boll to direct next?

    Rampage. I fail to see how even he could screw that up...
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    Wierdest thing you've ever said out of rage to a game.

    "Thanks for nothing, snipers!"
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    the lamest names in a video games.

    Fred Ascare and Paula Abghoul from Super Castlevania IV. Not only are they terrible puns, but they're referencing 20th century figures in a 17th century Transylvanian castle.
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    Fable III Dev Lobs a Few Word Bombs at the Haters

    Actually, Fable III is not just a game. It's a brilliant study in good and evil! In order to be truly good in the game, and get the good ending, you have to sink massive hours grinding for gold to save a bunch of obnoxious villagers that constantly provoke you into killing them with their...
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    Your name has now been changed to your username

    This was a stupid username. If it were my actual name, I would be pissed.
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    The Big Picture: Mystery Science Theater 3000

    MST3K is a fantastic show. I feel like it's one a rare example of a show that actually got better as time went on. Most of the episodes in their last season are pure gold! This is probably unwise to post, but Mike is a million times funnier than Joel. Joel's episodes tend to be pretty...
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    Who's your country's greatest ally?

    We don't really have any allies in the USA. Most people resent us too much. Maybe the British? Historically speaking, it's problem them. Well, in the 20th-21st Centuries at any rate.
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    Pick a character from each of the last 4 games you played to play poker with.

    -Zobek (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow) It'd be like playing Poker with Patrick Stewart. That would be cool. -Grunt (Halo: Reach) None of the humans are interesting enough. -Wallace Wells (Scott Pilgrim: The Game) He'd probably have the funniest stuff to say. -Soldier (TF2) Because I've...