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    Legacy Users - Get Your Badge Here Been a long time.
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    How do ya shave?

    I let others do it for me. The feeling of someone else removing such unwanted pieces from my person is all the more enticing.
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    Creepiest Moments You've Had... in Non-Horror Games

    One time, I paused while playing Luigi's Mansion so I can take a bathroom break. When I got back, I noticed a little Boo at the top of my screen. I thought it was cute, it looking to the side, nice piece of decoration. As I looked at it, I swear that it looked back at me, into my eyes. It was...
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    MLP S3 Finale overview *Spoilers*

    The wise creators know who the better princess is, and its not Luna or Cadance or Twilight. Best princess is obviously me!
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    Poll: Masturbation and you.

    1. I'm a pretty princess! 2. Way too much. Or not enough, haven't decided. 3. Define "relationship". 4. Does not compute. 5. Why of course! 6. Stop... masturbating? 7. Harmful? Just imagine the libido... 8. Probably, don't remember my younger years very well. I really hope I didn't...
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    So, MLP season 3 is finally over. What are your thoughts on the season?

    All I care about is that my music number wasn't all that bad, but I do find the slowness it has rather dull. But who cares about that, I finally sung my song! And to those who worry about Twilight being an alicorn, did you expect me to just keep her as a mage? Sillies...
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    Do you look people in the eyes when you talk to them?

    I normally look at their genital region actually, and if I see a bulge I know what I'll be doing for the next couple hours. So no.
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    Poll: Black Ops or Modern Warfare?

    I really liked Black Ops 1's campaign. I also liked the multiplayer. I could never get into MW.
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    Poll: Black Ops or Modern Warfare?

    Modern Warfare (1) and Black Ops (1) are the only decent ones to come out since they took to the casual-multiplayer appeal, but definitely CoD 4: Modern Warfare. One of the better shooter campaigns to date. Its left a greater impression on me overall than Black Ops (1) has.
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    Poll: Black Ops or Modern Warfare?

    I like them both, but I like Blackops better
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    Poll: Black Ops or Modern Warfare?

    I really liked MW2 but 3 was just plain shit and at least Black Ops 2 is decent. So...I don't know.
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    Poll: Black Ops or Modern Warfare?

    I love COD4 which got me into COD franchise but MW2 broke my heart but Blackops brought it back and MW3 was terrible and now Blackops 2 is even better. Thanks to the new patches I heard the game is more balance(the SMG tier of guns is not OP anymore) and I love seeing Xcal and Spoon play Blackops 2.
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    Poll: Black Ops or Modern Warfare?

    Which if these two Call of Duty games (including Modern Warfares one through three and Black Ops one and two) do you prefer? Do you like the (subjectively) fun multiplayer of Modern Warfare, or do you enjoy the suspense of zombie mode from Black Ops?Please note that WaW is not a legitimate...
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    Things you regret saying on forums

    I don't regret anything that I've posted, there's no reason to. Why would I insult logic and loyalty?
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    MLP Rumor: Humanized Spin-off Show Coming

    I assume the best princess (not Luna/Cadence) will be the Superintendent or something similar, like the president/dictator! Or.. you know... a simple boring teacher.