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    Two Years Later: Toddlers Finally Come to The Sims 4

    Are there pets yet? No. Not interested. I'd rather have pets then kids.
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    #DumpStarWars The new hashtag boycott

    Whats even funnier is when you realize they don't even know how to protest or boycott. Like the whole Starbucks debacle where Turnip was written instead of Trump and they started buying starbucks just to get the workers to write Trump on the cups. Like its the opposite of a protest and boycott.
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    Protagonist Age in Sun/Moon

    They are 11 in Sun and Moon. Its stated in game that 11 is the age that kids do the Island Trials. Gen V they 16, Gen VI is suspected to be the same. Gen 1 and 2 are ten to eleven, gen 3 is 12 and I think gen 4 is the same.
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    Moana - Another Disney Princess Movie

    This isn't even a recent development. Look at all those shows where the father is a buffoon and irresponsible but fun and the Mom is the down to earth one. (Everyone Loves Raymond, Home Improvement, The Simpsons, Fairly Odd Parents etc). Gravity Falls is one of the only ones I can think of off...
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    'Why Does Link have to be Female?'

    Why does he have to be male? Why not female? Personally I do think it would be cool but I would wouldn't expect it to happen. Though the excuses they gave are just stupid. Just say you didn't want to do a female Link. Instead of all the garbage they gave us instead.
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    Your wishlist for steam summer sale 2016?

    The Witcher 3 is 50% off at GOG as of this post.
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    #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend. How long was I asleep for?

    I mean how many hetro romances stories about people starting wars for those they love? A lot? Pretty sure its a lot. So lets have one for the non hetros. Plus Cap isn't gay. Hes Bi. So BiBi!
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    There May Never be a Witcher 4

    On the one hand its kinda sad because The Witcher 3 was a fantastic game and one of the best crafted fantasy worlds to play in, in a long time. On the other hand its nice to see a series go out an high note and not drag out until you just want someone to put it out of its misery. I'm very...
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    Blizzard Publishes Overwatch Open Beta Stats

    76's simplicity probably has a lot to do with him being picked a lot (and the fact he is the first one you play as through the tutorial). Hes a very traditional FPS character with his machine gun and tri rockets making him easy to learn and play. Same with Widowmaker and Mercy. Both fall into...
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    Overwatch's Open Beta Attracted 9.7 Million Players

    Honestly this is an FPS that I really enjoyed. There are very few of those, especially when it comes to multiplayer, but I had lot of fun in this. It doesn't feel like a normal FPS and every character plays and moves a lot more different than what you usually see. Theres a lot of movement and...
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    Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Updates Will Be Free

    Man the title of this article lead me to think it was referring to like bug updates and stuff. And at this point it would literally not surprise me if companies started trying to charge for that.
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    Twitter's Algorithmic Timeline is Now Switched On by Default

    You know how I can find what I want? By looking at things in order. Boom. There we go.
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    The First Trailer For Seth Rogen's Sausage Party Is Demented

    That was funnier than the entirety of the trailer. OT: Its looks horribly unfunny. Plus why does the hotdog bun have boobs and look a vagina. Like how worried were they that people wouldn't get its supposed to be a woman that they have to cram all that into one design. Plus it looks like...
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    Sausage Party- an animated film for adults

    Its too bad that most 'children' animation movies have better humour than whatever this garbage is. Its all swear words and poorly made sex jokes.
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    Zero Punctuation: Firewatch & Layers of Fear

    The biggest disappointment of Firewatch was the mystery reveal. Like it was just a straight up let down. It had such a great build up and then just fizzed. The rest of the game was pretty good and the dialogue was a lot of fun.