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    What's Your View on Teachers

    Well both my parents are teachers, so I pretty much have to respect them. :P
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    Poll: When did WW2 begin?

    The question could be phrased differently. I can see what you're asking, but we all know when WWII officially began. A better question would be "what event made WWII inevitable?" To that I would answer the Treaty of Versailles signed on June 28th 1919. Germany was made to pay cruelly high...
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    Poll: So you're trick-or-treating and...morality!

    It would just feel wrong if I took more than one. Plus, I'd be cheating if I did that because isn't the point of trick-or-treating to canvas the neighbourhood, slowly building up the candy in your sack until you're exhausted? I, for one, will not cut corners!
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    Science Officially Stomps All Hope of Dinosaur Cloning

    Stop ruining Jurassic Park!!! I guess it's time travel or bust, ha ha.
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    Poll: Did you take time off of work/school when your pet died?

    I was in grade 12 when my eight year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel had to be put down because of leukaemia. As it happened though, I had the whole afternoon off anyway because of spares, so I was able to visit him one more time before he had to go. It was a really heart wrenching experience...
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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    Close but no cigar, I guess. A for effort! Half a cookie is still something.
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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    Maybe I'm way off on this, but this sounds like Napoleon after he escaped from Elba and began the last Hundred Days of his rule ending with the Battle of Waterloo. Even if I'm wrong, which I seriously hope I'm not, his last ditch effort and appeal to his fellow citizens basically encapsulates...
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    Poll: Lack of basic mathmatical skills

    I'm a third year Politics/History Major, so what is math? Definitely in the "know it, don't need it" category right now.
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    Poll: The 'Real' Man Debate

    "Don't try to be a great man, just be a man, and let history make its own judgements." - Zefram Cochrane
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    Poll: Father in rural Germany finds his young son likes to wear dresses; does the same to show solidarity.

    I feel like most of us would let this kid wear dresses in theory, but in reality we might lean more towards making sure he doesn't get made fun of. Of course, I'd like to believe that I would say "son, be who you want to be and don't let anyone tell you different," but I'm not sure I could take...
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    Poll: Steak - How do you like yours?

    Medium rare! Why are we still talking about this?
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    Poll: A question for Un-Americans.

    Ah man! I guess not enough people want to go to Disney World. Oh well, more churros and under-cooked turkey legs for me!
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    Poll: is Brave evertaining for adults

    I was actually pretty disappointed with Brave. Of course, to say I was "pretty disappointed" is not to say it was terrible or even bad, it was... average. Pixar generally has a very high standard with their films (save Cars), which comes from having a very engaging story that really gives you...
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    The Glitch thread!

    I was playing Skyrim a few days ago and was at the College of Winterhold starting the Mage's Guild questline, but nothing was happening because the guy who was supposed to cast a spell at me wasn't doing so. After reloading a save and FUS RU DAHing him a few times, I looked up how to resolve...
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    Naming an RP character

    I assume we're talking names for Skyrim? In that case, I totally and uncreatively named my character Thor after having just seen the movie.